Sunday, April 06, 2014

Home :)

Sweet home...settling into being home, transition was not even an issue. Clear Autobahn, driving the plugs clear, car running good now...okay a little poking when passing the skyline of Frankfurt and seeing the airplanes and just being with it and grateful accepting the possible mini adventures. Better than nothing. And first bike ride for the year....amazed, that walking a lot, actually keeps me fit :) It felt awesome :) so a very fullfilling weekend is in its end phases and i am maybe see you around, lazy being in front of tv tonight. Ey!
How was your day? On the go too? Mini adventure your way?
Smiles, Anke :)

Wow, what a beautiful turquoise sky :)

Couch is comfy too, lol, smirk...

Well, time to surrender....maybe reading a little more.

Grateful letting go.
Thank you heart, soul, body and being.

Thank you life.

Dear life....let's create nows to grow and smile with delight.

Free being and still connected.

Good night.

Ps: living fullfilled is surprising me, how it works no matter what.
There are always ways and it starts always inside of myself.
Bowing with life, surrender and go with the flow and actually intuitively use the aligning nows to create orange energy alias fully being in sync of heart, soul and body.

Creating this magic for oneself,
till nows align to fully share with others.

And not depending on others because you learned how to create this magic for oneself.

Then it is free-being-shared-fullfilled-enriching-inspiring-space.


And yes, letting and allowing things/matters to grow in its own time, just observe,
is the hardest.
Not intervene, letting naturally aligning matter align.

And still, once i understood this deeply,
I can catch myself more and more just choosing aware, being.
Just being.

And create in my intuitive way my living.
However i need it.
And share my being,
to keep growing,
sharing the chance.

To grow into natural potentials.

Go for it.

Okay, early morning, time to get some sleep before ;)

Life is teaching me to let it be and see.

And whatever aligns naturally, to agree.


Quite interesting.

Letting it grow yes.

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