Friday, April 04, 2014

I made it! Yeaaaahhh...

Yeaaahhh .....with adventure, dealt with it gracefully yep. Good thing i printed out that map!!! Navigation had an issue and since it was heavy traffic, just driving with my paper print out, till traffic was less again and i was able to check....driving with simulation is not working, i tell you that!!!! And my room number, lol...hilarious!! 343 lol...yep. Smirk.
So transition survived from kids to no kids, got used to heavy traffic ( driving on autobahns with 3 or 4 lanes is strenous, still adjusted), The Fray were keeping me calm, lol....and grateful smiling i made a longer distance driving all by myself :))))Yeeeaaaahhhh me ! So. Checked in, now, getting something to the city and ha! Midnight shopping tomorrow, lol....will see...maybe. ey! It was just funny seeing that sign :)
See you around or later ;)
Smiles, Anke :)

Let's discover, ey!

City here i come.

Now dinner :)

Beautiful here :)

Delightful being.


Being fully in my nows travelling,
Smirk, for sure an interesting being.

Now some tv and sleep.

A long turning to its end.
Deep inside grateful for all.


Smiles to home.....catch! 


Ps: city citizen are for sure different then countryside citizens....and that is okay.

It is all about grace and how you live it,
fullfilled or pretend.

And deep inside grace is being elegance naturally.


So thank you life, heart, soul, body and being.

Grateful letting go.

Good night :)

'A long way down' sounds like a good movie....for me to see ;)

Watching Let's dance....sigh....someday?

Who knows ;)

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