Friday, April 04, 2014


....good morning :) How was your night rest? Mine okay. So, new day, new nows....and something emerging while making breakfast for the kids. Blancs. Yes, sudden blancs in your brain. Entering a wide silent being space....and wush....all a sudden and i am just be, nothing less, nothing more, just being in an inner silent space. Of course finding words in that state is blanc too, lol....okay, i wrote about it before, so what is new? Before it caused an uncomfortness due to being paralized in all really and not be able to 'react' like i would have liked....and actually it is a good thing, not be able to react! Yes....react is just a straight shooting forward to show the other, you cannot touche me, i am faster. So react is just an interaction to keep up your pretend, the guard, guarding your pride and ego. So what happens when this 'reactive-state' is paralized? By what? Being energy, alias heart and soul aligning into one being and that energy, this being aligned, is an energy that is just disarming your 'reactive-active-fight-tending-ego-holding-up-the-protective-border'.
And when reaction is disarmed, responses are there....maybe due to being overwhelmed by that sudden 'BLANC', you/me first do not realize that responses are there and maybe when you/me are just be with all, without running away inside, it is quite an opening experience, being in calmness of sudden blancs and live them fully, open and aware, sensing, atuned to the whole to really see what is there....hhhmmm...interesting. Hello thursday, let's be. No matter what, let's be with all, sudden energy pushes, sudden blancs, sudden responses, sudden 'i do not know what and how i am feeling right now', sudden being centered nows, sudden making you smile nows, sudden surprised nows.....let them flow inside of you, surrender to all....they will pass....and   maybe after the understanding will reach, what it is teaching you, to find your way to live fullfilled....inspired and delightful surprised.....
May we have the courage to just be with all in our soft-strength living it authentically, no matter what.
Smiles, Anke :)

Sand on the car window and a really astonished why from two cute wild monkeys, being amazed, it is sahara sand.....smirk ;)

So, soon ready to go, cute wild monkey drop off, car drop off and then some delightful sharing time with a friend :)))

Ey! See ya! Enjoy your morning :)

Had to stop on the beautiful driving through spring....

And dear life, thank you.

Is all i say for now.
And clearly fully enjoying expanding inside,
in calm-joy.


Car dropped off.

11.33 to how is your morning? 

Mine fullfilling :)
Now grocery shopping done,
picking up cute wild monkey and then a mix of house tasks and aligning for a training weekend.
Me going on adventure. responses?

Being lightness fully, yep.
No gap yet.

Just enjoying inner graceful being with all.

Wideness too.
Dear wind carry some....whoever needs some.

Ah yes and free being.
Grateful accepting and letting go.

Enjoying little nows.
All part of inner island being.

Smirk, lol.....making me smile image in my brain.


Ps:driving an substitude pirate boat amuses me....why?
It is a little car and since i drive normally diesel and the gas, clutch system is different on regular gas, i usually let go to late of the clutch and it ends in race car noise starting, lol....
Driving it, is like a little race

'Erst am Ende unseres Weges stehen die Antworten.'

- aus China

Hhmm....grace = Eleganz des Seins

Eine Woche spaeter Erkenntnis des Eigentors: sollte so sein.
Loesen von nicht mehr leb-baren  und oeffnen fuer Neues.

First skirt wearing...eeehhhaaa....ey!

So, eating lunch and then house tasks...see ya:)

Enjoy your afternoon :)

More later :))) 

Done! So done !
With those house tasks and one cute wild monkey is challenging the mama affected?

Might be....sigh...oh well...taking a deep breath.

Ey! She is getting there, homework almost done.
And you know later? 
I don't know with car pick up, maybe a short being in nature....will see.

Dear life, aligning for a gap?

Coffee and fresh muffin break, ey!

This fresh green in nature, sooooo beautiful.

Swinging....sigh....delightful fullfilling :))))

Aha...emerging responses....

Eleganz des Seins, ein natuerliches Potential voll gelebt.

Schoen zu sehen.

Go for it! lesson grace alias elegance of being.

See ya! Later, enjoy your evening and being outside moving your body in case you do.

Picking up my ride.

Eeehhhaaaa.....ride back....ey!

Tomorrow it needs a good drive on the the plugs out ;)

Lol....dear weekend meeting either....sigh...
Oh well.

Enjoy for me.
When you are outside joyous moving.

Okay, maybe a short village round after all are in bed....will see....

Wow what a sand covered window....

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