Wednesday, April 16, 2014


After cute wild monkey bed time do i start my vacation?
Oh! With inner island feeling of course!!!!! Ey! ¡)
How was your day? And how is your evening?
Smiles to you :))))
Ps: yes this is the blue sky of my island tonight, ey! Lol....sigh....spreading my arms wide, yes and just being. Inviting you to be with me here :)
Let's create!

Ps: need to see about this housekeeping service, lol....cute wild monkey creation all over....i guess it is island feeling with a lot of

And since my last vacation was moving furniture, this time i am giving myself free spaces to be.
Going with the flow.

Plus with this beautiful spring, so possible to create island being fully.

Inner potentials chosen and lived fully.

Going for it.

And since my island has an ocean too, just doing that....soaking in it, lol.....goofy-silly-me.

And our pirate boat will sail with appropriated sound tomorrow to kindergarten and off into a cruise to meet on the rivera of rolling boats a dear friend, ey!
Ha! This island creating is fun.

And all with a beginners which opening up for the little things is intentional chosen.

You can call that, creation in a short amount of time, recharge space.

And yes, a further away Rivera....ey! 
So, clear ways tomorrow ;)

Watching the 'island' sunset.


In calm being.
Thank you life for all.

A mess! Lol....artist are on the 'island ' too ;)

Living fullfilled for myself.
Smiles, living fully warmth of heart and inner calm being.


Housekeeping is getting space to live in order.

And it is about enjoying the little things fully.

And i see it as a gift from life to learn living fullfilled for myself.

And yes, i have beings around me, i can share directly and sharing here is just because i like to share with you reading here.

I just realized this. stuck on this ball game....not on purpose, just nothing else the close to home team is playing.

So, just half-attentioned following and reading....ey!
Kind of a very alive game, lol....i guess.

Aggressive the home team ;)

Well...enough of my expertise, lol...well cute wild monkey no 1 just reached home....interested in watching, so he is requiring me to!

Ps: vacation= doing things, i normally not really do, lol....including watching a rolling kicked ball.


That was close....ey!

Okay, officially sucked in...watching with full attention.

Next planned activity, going with cute wild monkey to a soccer game....ey!
In a stadium.

Why do those players have such high back numbers?

Can you pick your number?
Hhmmm...need to ask my friend, she might know.

Lol...yeah yeah....always something to wonder about.

Time to surrender to soft grounds and you know what, it is my bed, lol....
And creating island being at home has another advantage: no packing luggage and not thinking of what i need and what not, lol....
Some day, real islands are conquered.

For now, just creating with what i got.

Okay, smiles good night.

Grateful letting go.
Thank you heart, soul, body and being.

Thank you life :)

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