Thursday, April 17, 2014

One more in schedule day....ey!

Good morning :) How was your start? Mine good. Feeling like wearing earth colors today, lol...intuition chose. Smirk. Quite comfortable. So, new day, new are you going to live them?
May our day carry all we need to live fullfilled in nows, no matter what.
Smiles, Anke :)

' Jeder Moment von Achtsamkeit ist eine Bekraeftigung fuer das Leben. Jeder Moment von Achtsamkeit zaehlt.'

- Jack Kornfield

' Der Veraenderung die Tuer verschliessen hiesse das Leben selber aussperren.'

- Walt Whitmann

' Von allen Dingen erleuchtet zu werden heisst, die Barriere zwischen dem eigenem Ich und den anderen EINZUREISSEN.'

- Dogen Zenji

Interessant welche Woerter manche Farben miteinander verbinden ;)

Smiles :)

And intuition pokes....sending an extra dosis heart power with the wind, catch!!!!

Ja manchmal braucht man extra Power von Energien.

Frei zur!

Strongnesses expanding to where they need to reach.

Playful creating with your own inner energy states, 
getting to know them,
Quite an adventure.

Dear nature, let's meet.


Soaking in this and light beautiful :)

And concerning to learn the art of warmth of the heart, getting to know your own heart power is with it, be in it fully, stand in your own fire and feel.

Go for it, especially the calmness is your strongness....endure the pikes, just be with them and observe.
Aware with deep inner care.

(Build) okay, more like growing, roots deeply into both :
Deep inner calmness and warmth of heart

Hhmmm...why do i post so many brown colors?

Support keeping to be grounded.

While getting to know energy?

Hmmm...who knows :)

Brown, light green and blue....the combination to stay with high energy :)

Me? I am fine.
Calm-joy :)

Enjoy your afternoon :)

Trust your potentials.

Smiles to you.

See you later later.


Plan change allowed me to get easter presents, smirk....and pink my....for one cute wild monkey....

Enjoy your afternoon, catch extra grounding while busting into new vibes and smiles :))))

Yeah yeah yeah.........lala la la la......tchaka tchaka tchaka.......yep.
Happy dance of being

Break start, ey!

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