Friday, November 30, 2012

Upright in GRACE lesson....

So, upright in grace - what does this mean? 

Let's see what this day collects......simmering not ready to release yet. 

Ah and 'play' - doing something for the pure joy of it, is very important also, especially in stress times for highly sensitive beings. Quite interesting, how good your intuition knows what is good for you, just like that! 

So, how is your day so far? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure?

Need some poking to have some fun.....let's go! Have some 'joy' just PLAYing whatever, this is for you. Having playful fun! Need a poke from piratess? LOL....she is more than willing to! Friendly poking, to have some fun, goofing around. And surprising each other is a for sure a playful way of living. LOL and you know what, life is providing me with 'playfulness' everyday. Even some days are tougher but writing here is a part of my 'playful-creating-life'. 

Smiles, Anke :)

PS: Was typing 2013 today. New class schedule for next year. I Like this number, lol :))))) And you know what, I never felt I have a lucky number. Maybe I do have a lucky number ;) Smiles :))))

PS from the afternoon: Ready, set, let the colors FLY ! See you later. Enjoy your afternoon. All the gentle winds your way....enjoy your freedoms. ;)


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