Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Self-portrait in poem form :))))

being me - multidimension to see
creating intuitively my life
dancing in the air soul jive.
Awake and aware, ready for beauty to see
being me
nuturing soul with inspiration
being the first time in my life patient.
Allowing the lead of life
giving up the fight of pride
to have control of matters
which can not controlled at all
because life is there and shatters
all that is not a truth to my heart and soul
and just would leave an inside hole. 
Instead me being is ready to surrender
and give life the permission to spread out the real splendor
of wonder, surprising me out of the blue
to teach me my lesson which are true.
Expanding, growing in the soul
taking along the heart and the body
to become ONE POLE
of energy filling my inside magically
to be really me.
Creating life mindful aware
towards a compassionate care
for my soul, body and heart
for every day new to start
in an openess I have never been before living
and accepting ALL that life is giving. 
Filling the inside with sparkles and sprinkles
that it gives me a lot of smiling wrinkels. 
Smiling with the wind and the sun
being in awe, how this journey begun. 
Stopping to run from my fears
utterly being in the moments and trust just appears.
Uplifting me towards the sky, 
making me fly
for the first time in life
knowing what roots and wings are at the same time. 
Making my inside alive fire shine. 
me being grateful to all
and seeing the chances when facing a wall, 
it does not matter how big or small
me being can let the self-created bubbles pop
and there is no button, to push stop. 
It is a natural possible potential growing
like all part together, sowing a nuturing ground
strengthening the roots
to have a good stand in my hiking boots.
Pilgrimaging on my unique path
sharing my being like through a glass.
All transparent vulnerable being
living all that is there to live and learn
and ready to let go of all when the time is ripe
and not to be, by the Ego bribed, 
not to hold onto it due to fears
letting go when necessary with tears.
Transforming the loss and pain
comprehending nothing is in vain.
All is there to make me grow
and really show
me being creates wonder
which you can about endless ponder
till you finally get the meaning
of me being.
And creating living out of mind at peace
keeping the inner observer at ease,  
non-identification with whatever
giving me the space to respond
in a 'heart-soul-body-bond'. 
Curious whatelse me being will expierence
out of this inner silence. 
me being sharing here a small part
for a start, 
maybe more comes
in different expressive froms
as long
 me being 

Well, I surprised myself again....where all this CAME from....a wonder itself. 

THANK YOU BRAIN......it made me smile.

Off to pilgrim......I wish you a wonderful evening.
And all this due to ONE spark.
or an energy field. 
In case that someone is reading here.
due to YOUR inspiring ENERGY alias SILENCE
space between the heart and soul. 
FULL BLAST me.....grateful for this CHANCE.

Smiles, Anke :)

Good night. 
Letting go of my day.
Grateful to all.
Emptying the space on my palm, 
letting the wind take it into the blue sky.
Clearing the space between the soul and heart.

And body is so tired tonight.
Body worked hard.
It deserves a good rest.

I wish you one too.

Sleep well. 

Smiles, Anke :)

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