Thursday, November 29, 2012

Capture of a soul - thursday poem

'Capturing of a soul

Capture of a soul
in a sudden, 
not knowing what and how happened, 
to pull it along out of cave to haul, 
into a blue wide sky of adventure
pushing for soul growing venture. 
Awakening the fascination of inner beauty
making soul surrender and making it out of dutie
to follow this deeply resonating inspiration
pushing into this world of intuitively creation.
Pushing and pulling, towards and away
fight-like-growing in a sway
 of  magic energy
not letting you rest until you see, 
your own truth of your soul and heart
for this love to start
growing inside yourself
guiding you like a caring elf
towards the depth of silent waters
giving you appitizer of treasure vibes as starters
to grow into being.
Not loosing this connection
still there as a reflection
reminding you to keep walking
your way of the heart and soul just sparkling.
Capture of a soul
that became whole
as a being 
with this tremendous growing love
that enjoys to fly in inner freedom like a dove.
Capture of a soul 
that found its own real inside love as a treasure haul.'

- by Anke Martin 2012

PS from later: Well back to least a little sun. Before the snow is suppose to HIT. Or like 'silent-falling-off-the-sky'. That is the fascination of snow, this silent soft sailing to the ground, well depends how heavy a snow flake is. BUT not here yet, so let's see what 'white-surprise' will be there in the morning.

PPS: Piratess boat is picked tomorrow I can drive it again..sigh.....too much money for something we should have got repaired a month ago, while several service appointments and THEY COULD NOT find it, and it would have BEEN in the FULL WARRANTY. Plus extending this warranty - Screw it...a waste of money because they do not accept it, yep.....I will write a complaint letter to the CAR COMPANY directly.....this is NOT SERVICE, then they should produce QUALITY and not FAILING parts too fast :) Especially something so serious like this! 

PS from the afternoon: YAWN.....oh the snow coming? is your afternoon?  _________________ fill in the blanc for yourself (answer). ;)

While waiting for my daughter I was reading to wild monkey no. 3 in this book I posted yesterday the link. The necessities and the freedoms. And both can not exist without each other. Yep...the challenge is to live both. So, which ones need more room today? Your freedom or necessity? And sometimes little freedoms give you more than no limits at all. ;)

PPS: So, piratess boat is back..kind of 'hesitant' to drive it, why? The 'might' next noise, this car develops...that is not suppose to be fun....well time to overrule this 'hold-on-thread-ahead-mode'. LOL....piratess where are you? Somewhere behind being tired, LOL.....ah yes...goofy me...still.....dear life NO new next NOISE please! Sigh....SMOOTH driving from now on. 


Okay, I am going to be brave...yes driving this car, later.......

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