Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Poem - Free to be

' Free to be
to spread my arms
in a gentle way, that does no harms
 letting go of all
that seemed to overroll
like a heavy snowball.
Free to be 
being who you are
filling your own inside
to let it bright shine, your light.
Sharing when you have more than enough
and you do not need to be anymore tough.
You can just spread your arms
and let go of all
to clear the space between the soul and heart
to clear room for the spreading emptiness to start
and not to fall
by the heaviness of all.
Instead feeling the lightness inside
nothing you need to hide
because it is there in real
nothing anybody can steal.
Once you know what it is
you can enjoy this bliss
by reaching this state of mind
being to yourself kind
by spreading your arms and letting go
that started to over-grow
and tried to stop you
in lifes flow.
 be kind 
spread your arms, let go of all
to give peace to your mind 
and out of this
the state of being.'
-by Anke Martin 2012 

PS from the afternoon: 
First Christmas songs on the Piano - on a grey day like this with comfy light. 
SIGH....felt good.
And cute wild monkey no.3 had fun changing the 'instruments', LOL...giggling while Mama was playing.
Precious moments :)   

PPS from later: 
Passing on the rays of light, who needs some?
Whoever needs some.
FOR YOU!    
Back from walk...yes in the rain....but moving and fresh air felt nice. 
'Nur die Seele weiß, was Liebe ist.'

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