Friday, November 23, 2012

Ray of lights....passing on....a poem on a friday morning.

Just let the light in this collage 'touch' you, nothing more.
You do not need to read the words on there. 
Just let the light in this collage carry you away towards your center.

And now a poem that released just now, smiles for you!

' Ray of lights

in the vortex of life
being there for me
when it is time to see
in moments to remind
to be kind
towards myself
and take all false beliefs off the shelves
of inner sorting
of inner hoarding
before it crushes down
inside of myself.
Sitting in all that cleared
not ready for the clarity to be cheered.
Silence, trust and pushing myself away from the shore
slowly floating towards my own core, 
floating in the wide open ocean of lifes seas
to find this tremendous inner peace.
Surrender in the blender of pacing time
the moments are mine.
Little rays of light shine
showing me the divine.
Among us human beings
to me to be seeing
to be myself as a pure being.
To pass on the ray of lights
for others to make their inner path bright.
So they can follow it deep inside
towards the other side
to find their inner treasure
that goes beyond any meassures
that valuable, is this finding
and it is connecting heart and soul as a binding.
To find fullfillment in all you do
and to be true,
who you really are
 a beautiful being
a bright star.'
- Anke Martin  2012

Passing on the light.
Rays I got this morning.
Smiles with the wind.
Calmness, so calm. 
Like never before.
Calmness sends greetings to calmness, CATCH a smile for you! 
Soul at peace :)

'I want to remember that I am not my title, my position, my possessions, my appreance, my neighborhood, my age, my body size, my race or my income  level. 
I am a soul.'

-Author unknown


PS from the morning:
 I am going. 
To another theater show! 
EEEHHHAAA!!!! For my soul. 
Yes a me and my soul date, LOL.
  Well, first getting the tickets ;)  

PS around lunch:
What a mess with this car!
So, much for factory warranty extending!
And dealers holding customers out!
Because it is in the warranty and they do not want to fix!
Really weird that another dealer found the problem right away!
Deep breath!
This mess better be cleared somehow.

BUT finally somebody FOUND THE problem right away!
NO, not a loose part somewhere in the engine, like I was told.
It was the flywheel!

That is a huge relieve! 

Oh HOW I hate like some people treat me like I AM STUPID!
Sorry guys I AM NOT. 
I might be a woman but I AM NOT STUPID!
That felt good to release!
And you know what, holding out customers, 
is not the smartess tactic with some.
Because there are some customers out which can sense this!
YES, those highly sensitive ONES!
And that one TYPE of CUSTOMERS.
It is okay when you do not get this, it is a 'customer-system' how you are as a customer. 

And to deal different with those.
Well, seems like I can not put away my fighter all the way.
Do I want to? 
Conscious choice!
  Because you can read, it is necessary to still have, sometimes.
Some things just 'annoy' me after a while and one is 'shitty-service'. 
Sorry for my language, releasing feels good.
LOL......and yes, 
 space between soul and heart is not red, 
it is still green.

And that feels good.
Dear life take care!
Thank you!

PS from later: Sorted.
Thank you life!

NOW. break. with a book.
Still slow going.
Body is not all the way on top yet.
Giving myself time to gain my full strength again.
After the weakness.
And going new ways, because some old ways did not work.
Yes, changing certain routines which just ate me up.
Sharing responsibilities.

Responsibilites I was taking on myself and which need to be shared, because they are too much on me.

Responsible aware living.

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