Sunday, November 11, 2012

Self-potrait in poem form - part two

'Being me as you see
right now
started to grow
out of the soul
into the heart
and this amazing trust got pushed to a spreading expanding start
filling my inside space
in a caring and supporting me, pace.
Giving me all the time
to learn how to be fine
no matter what the outside world challenged me with
showing me ways through intuitively wisdom, how to be still and at inner bliss.
Mind at peace
are words to express
life giving me this learning how to bless
whatever comes my way
landing on my open palms
to say
whatever soul and heart need to hear, finding the calms
life charms
me with
finding deeper trust
and that giving up control is not a must
it is a letting go in peace
letting go in ease.
To keep yourself afloat
like a sailing boat.
Being inspired
seeing beauty
experiencing wonder
and just giving yourself the permission
to be a true authentic responder.
Out of this inner silence and trust
that creates pure lust
living your life
and go with the sparkling energy drive. 
Being is the key to grow
and be in the fullfilling flow.

Smiles, Anke :)

And out of 'mind-at-peace' 
alias YELLOW color,
you can  

Dear weather god.....please be good to me.......
for LATER :))))

On the search for YELLOW in my Collages today:

Round one ;)


Winterwood said...

love them all!!!!!!!! the colours, the energy and the words! wow!!!

Anke Martin said...

Thanks Krissie. TAKE as much you can take to integrate into your path. Smiles, Anke :)))))

Anke Martin said...
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