Sunday, November 25, 2012

This strong will and determination to go my path..... due to my intuition pushing me, because intuitively I can sense this is the best way to deal with life for my highly sensitive sensing. And it does not matter what obstacles show up, somehow this deep inside knowing was pushing me to an endurance I never knew I had, finding a way with it. Because this is making a difference in my life quality. This is a way of finding a balanced state of the right stimulation of my senses and not 'shut-down' all the way, which I had on a back view all those years to deal with and I always wondered why I am so 'easy-to-be-overwhelmed' and others did not seem to be impressed by facing the same. I faced a lot of misunderstanding all those years a lot of extra 'stress' because everybody around me was worried, that I am okay or what this is, I faced in challenging times. NOW I know and NOW I know why. Still do not like to be weak sometimes due to a system shut down of my sensing system. Because the same 'reactions' are still there and it does not make it easier, to recover if all worry about you. Yes, I was strong all those years, tried to hide my weakness, did not listen to the signs and it ended even worse. Learning about this HSP this year, it ring a bell, and I read information in the Net, why it took me so long to start reading this book? A good question. The time was not ripe, maybe I needed to find my own way, to grow my self-esteem, that I can make a difference in my life by myself. Somehow inspired by a 'sensing-friendly-so-comfortable-feeling-being-me' space I expierenced for a while. This was the best ground I could have had to grow. And this 'sensitive-sensing-system' knew I needed to go to the bottom of this 'space' because intuitively it knew that this is something for me. Deeply inspired, a deep inside urge to find the 'consistency' of it and to create it myself. This is another dimension of this search, due to my sensing. And that is why it is so hard to let go of this expierence of this space because it is rare. But I am very grateful to life that it gave me that chance. So grateful. It still astonishes me still, how all those coincidences happened and felt like a guiding me with this inspiring vibe. And it does not matter what all happened in between after and before, it doesn't, because the main message for that someone is: PLEASE protect this! It is your gift! Take care of it. It is so unique and special. Please never forget this, and I do not care if you are feeling 'offened' by me writing this, just leave it like that: I can sense something and it is something very precious. NOT MADE UP! Sigh, that felt good writing. So, the next time, here on my blog, I probably will be backview or more learning about being HSP. The time is ripe to backview, maybe my whole life, to see. I do not know yet. This is somehow a deeping of mind at peace. Somehow, and it was a long way to where I am at right now. Is this finally making PEACE All the WAY with my being? How nature created me? We will see. 

So, I wish you a wonderful SUNDAY!

And go for your full possible potentials!
Melt with the moments and just be. 
Utterly in the now and connect to your intuition, it will guide you. 

Smiles with the wind, lol.....super fast  message carrier today, it is stormy and PARTLY SUNNY, YEAH!  
EY! Piratess is setting the sails....ready to learn or read and just sit there and smile,
 because this book understands me, 
all the way!

Smiles, Anke :)

Hold on me - Marlon Roudette

Krieger des Lichts - Silbermond

JA! - Silbermond 

PS: Whatever the reactions and however painful they were, I FORGAVE.
That is all you need to know.

And maybe someday it is just something to smile about and not be scared.

A knowingly understandingly smile on both sides.
Who knows?
Only the wind and life.

PPS: Can you be okay, 
when I keep this experience,
 this 'moments-of-being' as my inspiration for my freedom to be? 
 As my freedom inspiration?
Can you be okay with it?
Soul would like to know.

Playing socer with my son...sigh...we laughed good.
There is a certain fascination with playing 'ball-foot-shoot-and-GOAL!', LOL.....

PUH....this felt nice.
And this blue sky as well.

Dear life thank you!

How was your day?

Smile account?
Heart beating in joy?
Soul flying?
Piratess/pirate on adventure?


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