Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Kindness Blogsplash joining Fiona Robyn

 Good morning. Today I join a Blogsplash initiated by Fiona Robyn at Writing Our Way Home blog:


Topic kindness.
 And what it means or meant to me.

Kindness means to me, getting a genuine smile, when you needed it and did not expect it.
Kindness means to me, being aware and help others in everyday situations.
Kindness means to me, saying thank you to good service or somebody helping me out, doing me good.
Kindness meants to me, to pull back when matters can not be cleared and give myself and others space.
Kindness means to me, living it and being a role-model for your kids.
Kindness means to me, be open to life, all.
Kindness means to me, being centered and out of this silence, quietness, feeling this compassion for yourself and others.
Kindness means to me, saying sorry or apologize when necessary for the other to find peace inside again.
Kindness means, relating with others, empathize.
Kindness means to me, being there for my friends and being strong for them when they are not.
Kindness means to me, to care for myself and listen to my heart and soul.
Kindness means to me, life providing me with little coincidences they 'rock' my world in joy.
Kindness means to me, learning is a gift.
Kindness means to me, life is beautiful.
Kindness means to me, I trust.
Kindness means to me, I love living and sharing my joy.
Kindness means to me, making others smile.
Kindness means to me, surprising others.
Kindness means to me, to create and share. 
Kindness means to me, being good to myself and out of this towards others.
Kindness means to me, not trying to fix anything.
Kindness means to me, just letting things be.
Kindness means to me, giving the lead to life. 
Kindness means to me, freedom and love.

So, what does kindness mean to you?

Thank you Fiona, for asking to join, I had lot's of fun, creating this morning.

I wish you all a wonder-ful TUESDAY!
 Smiles, Anke :)

PPS- Pilgrimage assignment: LIVE AN AWESOME DAY!
So I go, to be awesome, live awesome, love awesome and share awesome, LOL.......typing so many awesomes is weird-awesome but awesome......goofy me awesoming' ;) 
Off to clean the awesome-mess in the awesome-girls-room to clear awesome-room and awesome-space for them to create more awesome-messes. LOL.....awesoming is quite fun!
Can you tell?
So, what are you doing awesome this awesome morning? 
Try out, it is contagious, just awesome playing with awesome-words-combinations. 
awesome-EY!! from awesoming piratess. 
Awesome LOLs.....

       PS from the morning:
 On the search for a new dryer.....making it awesome.....not finding one I like with the same brand,
so let's see what they will do.
I need one I can CLEAN myself not the maschine!

How is your morning? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on inner adventure and with sparkling eyes?

How release is doing? LOL...calm.....so far ;)

PS from the afternoon:

Chubby Checker - The Twist 

  LOL....yes getting prepared....moving....lalalaaalllaaaaa come on let's TWIST......


How is your afternoon? Need a cheer up? CATCH!
And smirking piratess is poking you for a ride in the air with soul.
Up to it? Let's go!
EEEEEeeeeeeeeehehhehhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa..........smile......let's sail around the puffy white clouds into the blue sky, just BEING.
JUST BEING in your MOMENT now.
And how does that feel?  
I can see the grey getting brighter...sigh...thank you weather....some more LIGHT in the dark season. 
Sending you some, to whoever needs some. 

YES for YOU!
And smiles for the wind to carry. 

PPS: Doing some more decluttering, clearing space in the kitchen and release just hit ;)
You know what I find quite interesting with this letting go?

I do let go or did already so many times of one matter and it always comes back.

In some ways, other ways, somehow, in little things, showing up, being there.

 Whatever lifes plan is, it makes me smile everytime.

Whatever lifes plan here is, I surrender all the way.
And YOU?

Something you let go already and it came back ?

LOL...soul is 'smile-dancing-in-the-air'....well...seems like it knows something I don't, LOL.....even it is my soul.

EY! 'mischievous-sparkling-piratess-smirking' on top of soul... 
holding on tight, so she is not falling off, while flying ;)

And yes, piratess enjoys this flight, usually she sails the ocean of life with her piratess-boat but once in a while soul invites her to fly and since she is brave and couragous,

she is NOT refusing, not even hestitating,

LOL...yes she is WILD.

Like nature.

PURE BEING how she is. 

You are allowed to smirk as well ;)

So beautiful!
Enjoy the ride!

Charlie Chaplin - Selbstliebe

As I Began To Love Myself - Charlie Chaplin


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