Sunday, October 06, 2013

Transforming pain.... the pilgrimaging simmering, how do i transform inside emotional aches? With creating...and not just pains, also joy or new....i transform with creating in and out of them into being in peace again. Energy balanced out.....and creating always happens being utterly connected to my intuition. 

Smiles, Anke :)

Is just wondering about natural positions of my hands....and transfering this to Life - in this natural open position, whatever lands/fills on/in my palms can stay there somehow comfortable carried and whenever it is time to leave/clear/fly away with the wind, is possible, it is a free and still protected being of matters. Interesting! And i guess sometimes you need to open your palms all the way for some matter to give it a little push to fly, lol....Because hiding is not an option, even the matter tries to hold is like having a little bird in your palms, till it is grown enough to fly and when not leaving by itself, open up your palms all the way and give a little push to let go :) 

Last week was being in the loop hole...and this week? Mellow being, in peace :)

DAY 52 - P137
 PS from later evening: 

Creating magic?

LOL...smiles to you :)

Well, my evening was fun,
I was playing with the kids hide and seek, 
catch me and soccer.
DELIGHT and lot's of laughing...oh and yes some whinning, 
cute wild monkey no. 3......whine age ;)
But all good.
Surrender to the WILDness of my kids and just make it through somehow,
well yes with some rules and determined standpoint when necessary, lol 

So, how is your evening?
How is your soul?
How is your heart?
How is your being?

And a wondering question for the wind to carry, so life can take care of it:

Are you couragous enough to say yes to this BEING potential
and find out how it is to live it ALIVE?

Are you?


♥LOL....says it all.
Doesn't it?


So, in between the time of letting this question go up into the air, to fly with the wind 
and maybe an answers or not from life,
I LIVE AS FULL-FILLED as possible.

And there is a lot POSSIBLE in my NOWS.

Smirk ;)
Even in the tough and challenging ones.
Grateful life is teaching me.

 Well, time to let go gratefully,
thank you life for teaching me,
thank you for showing me how to life my potential.

Thank you for all.
Thank you to my heart, soul, body and being.

Letting go.
So letting go.
To make BEING in the now possible.

Good night.

May we all have a wonderful sleep.

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