Monday, October 28, 2013

Spaces of grace - poem

'Spaces of grace

Letting entering each other into this being grace
letting go of chase
creating nows
which allows
to be 
and see
not only with your eyes
also being-wise,
how to create this space,
filled with deep inside understanding whatever is there to face
in a grace,
that amaze,
deep inside,
creates delight,
feels fullfilling,
fully expanding in being,
what is meant to be
and it is an agree,
to live those nows with your heart and soul
pulling your body into the whole,
learning with and in the new,
spreading the arms wide into the blue,
feeling the wideness
feeling the lightness
that emerges from inside,
out of hide,
and sparkles in the light,
of your eyes
and seeing this, a joy arise
that spreads into every cell,
it creates being well,
it is leaving your protective shell
and live vulnerability as well as strength
and reaching those on the same wavelength
that it makes you surrender
in the splendor,
you care
and are willing to share
this possibility to create,
out of the shade
into the light
letting go of fight 
just openly receive and give
what needs to be lived.
Only in that now you will know
so can you let go and allow the flow
to create this space,
full-filled with deep inside grace
that it makes you bow
surrender to grow
deeper into matters you can not name,
but you know it is not an ego game
because if you utterly listen to your intuition
there is not needed a decision,
because the choice 
was made,
your hearts voice
is about to create,
a new song
which belong
to life,
because it needs music to dance jive
and being alive.
So let's create a song
in the being space
in the full possible grace.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin

PS: Transforming......too much energy....found your way?

I know it is a challenge, to your bones.
And still, it is possible :)
And intuition is smirking.....because i know it will be found, the way, 
trust your deep inside potential :)

Smiles to you, Anke :)

Okay, intuition is poking me......sigh....yes i will send 'peace-giving-centering-at-ease-smiles' with the wind, CATCH!
Close your eyes and sense.
Your being knows.
Trust it.
And yes I know how this 'inside tension feels' before leaping.......jump when you need to and life will catch you while free falling.
Where is this all coming from again?????
LOL...good question...I am not detemined looking for the will give to me, 
when the time is there to know.

And even 'jumping' scares the hell out of you, 
you know what, 
it is not that bad, 
it might be BETTER than you ever imagined!
Be bold, and dare to live your LIFE alias true potential, life gave you!

When the need is there, everything is possible.
 To create and live, 
it might takes it time
and still it is possible to enjoy the way there,
living all and eventually maybe you are living your way into what your being is guiding you too.
With an force that just makes you surrender and listen.
LOL...yes I speak from expierence.....LOL....hard wall running experiences, LOL....not the most fun and still I learned my lessons that way, grateful :)
And some walls carry their OWN BEAUTY, that just makes you deep inside grateful you got a glimpse of it :)
 So inspiring.

Okay, time to grateful letting go.
Thank you LIFE.
Thank you heart, soul and body and being.
May we all have a wonderful rest, 
giving us the calmness back we need to live
life from one now to another.

To grow in grace.
So, yes, lot's of space......I am spreading my arms wide and letting go, 

PS: My day does not have enough hours...sigh..oh well...surrendering to bed...
Ps: And has its own dynamic, which pretty much only leaves you two choices: 1 - surrender and just be and 2- resistance. So, which one are you choosing? Oh my it is breeding inside....sigh and i need to sleep, lol...well dear intuition you need to wait till tomorrow, i am going to sleep now, ey! Yep. Lol, smirk...

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