Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Choice today:

Open being....ey! May we all have a full-filled day with joy, laughter and inside calmness.
Smiles, Anke :)
8.33am....fit is something else....cold is taking energy...so getting some fresh air to get rid of those cold bugs....ey! Oh wow, walking feels good :) sigh :) And in the simmering: clear signs....for what exactly???? Intuition somehow has a sensing....and life is giving me the choice: growing into or resisting? Lol....this choice does not need simmering, it is clearly 'growing into'. Ey! With my whole being, yes!
Uh wow warm humid air.....dear body i know...we will make it, lol....still beautiful outside this morning!
It is a lesson about staying in your own intuitiv resting and nesting in your core's rhythm and who knows....there might be a synchronity along your being...smirk...so fascinating....grateful i am able to experience this :)

Nature is glowing in its warmest color it got and you? Me? Lol....maybe ? Lol ;)
And yes i 'see' for a long time and still...seeing and living are two different shoes and since i have two feet, i can create steps forward to create ways....and which each new step there is more to see....and i mean seeing with all my senses....
And you know what? Nature is everyday NEW! Everytime i walk my ways, there is something new to experience....isn't this with 'growing-inside-beings' the same? It is for sure inspiring and full-filling to know i am growing too! Into my true potential :) Well...observing, i am in the observing position and whenever i need to, i can create out of this position, whatever needs to be created.....observing and at the same time connected to my deep inside understanding and seeing. Thank you for giving me the time to grow....dear life :) And thank you for all the deep inside inspiration....off to get more medicine and then work...see you later later and enjoy your DAY! Be in your nows, just be you ;) Smiles to you, catch! :) Ps: good night grateful letting go...no more blogging tonight....see you tomorrow....smiles to you :) Pps: watching tv....lol...funny movie and you??? Lol...okay...early surrender to bed, ey! Good night :)

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