Saturday, October 19, 2013

Response art....

' Response

When it is time
and nows align,
in which sudden responses are there,
and are shared,
when you see a smile  
you haven't seen for a while
and it creates one as well in your own face
feeling it is coming up from deep down out of grace,
you know this response was a spontaneous share
out of care
using the opportunity
creating an unity
of two nows
which allows
an openess to expand
letting go with both hands
just to be,
there is magic in life
that keeps you alive
and that there is invisable wonder
that makes you give up to ponder,
instead open up,
to create a start,
to grow into deeper,
because you are a leap-er
trusting life with all,
even free fall,
knowing in lifes lead,
there will be a meet and greet
along the way
that pulls you in a sway
out of the grey
into fullness of being,
receiving and giving,
guiding you to your potential
connecting you with your essential,
living in and out of there
with a deep inside care,
you share aware
when those possible potential nows,
to be,
with a blanc in your brain
knowing nothing is is vain,
all has its meaning
and your are leaning
into loving living
and living loving,
and there is nothing covering
just pure openess,
a delightful confess,
knowing no matter what you will face,
it will be lived with grace,
in a space
so open and wide
that there is no hide inside,
just pure being,
and all of your body, heart and soul
are agreeing.
Sudden responses are rare
out of deep inside care,
but when happens a spontaneous share
it is a delightful surprise
out of which arise,
a sudden response back
with no lack,
instead with full meaning,
creating a feeling
of alive,
but not an overdrive,
just a sparkling being,
seeing and accepting
a respecting and allowing
giving the YES! to more growing
into what is meant to be.'

Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 

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