Sunday, May 12, 2013

When life is training you for something you can sense is coming and the only choice is learn!

Good morning, okay I warn you before you continue reading. THIS might be heavy matter to deal with, so choose now if you keep reading or not. What it is about. Sensing, sensing matters, foreshadowings and the only choice you have is accept lifes lesson to teach you how to grow strength which you might need to make the step into 'wild-crazy-tending-you-to-overwhelm-waters'. And no, it is not preventable or stoppable, life is going its ways and the only choice you have is LEARN as much as you CAN, accept lessons to make you grow stronger and deeper into your own core, alias anchor inside, so when 'matters' happen on the outside they do not OVERWHELM you in POWERLESSNESS and you are just paralyzed of the too much and you actually NEED to be aware, resting and living out of your strength. I learned a lot in the last year, I still learn a lot and I know, from JUMPING into my second buisness part, even I was sensing I AM NOT READY, was a poor choice. I pushed it and PUSHING it does not work for me. NOPE. I need this energy behind, this alignment of my heart, soul, being, body and intuition, otherways I KNOW from expierence it will push me over, into 'loosing' my strength. So, yes I face moving towards something, life is teaching me lessons, to get me ready, to JUMP when I am aligned and it takes time and this is NO MATTER FOR easy solutions. And that is the thing! Easy solutions probably would be plenty out there and I KNOW DEEP inside, THE EASY WAY OUT is not the one for me and it is okay, if you call me crazy for NOT CHOOSING the easy way out, I just CAN not, because my essentials deep inside, know, it needs to be walked one step after another. So I can stay in my strength and I need to give myself THIS TIME. And that is the biggest challenge at all. Giving myself the time I NEED. I am getting there, in the 'speed' I can handle life and this lesson ABUNDANCE has the potential to overwhelm and it is teaching me with inspiring matters how it is possible to live in ABUNDANCE and not be overwhelmed when I  stay in my strength, resting in my core, no matter what, even how wonderful my outside is, tempting to grap and hold onto and get pulled out from my center. Life is teaching me a lesson of dealing with overwhelmed in a very beautiful way. And this just got aware while typing. WOW. Okay, I need to some silent moments now, because this is just huge inside of myself, life is for sure carrying me....I will be back, when I found my words again. WOW.....that took for sure the breath for a moment, and this moment is counting big time.

See you in a couple minutes.

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