Saturday, May 04, 2013

O P E N E S S - saturday poem

'O P E N E S S

Openess which bless
Openess which does not confess
instead express
all that is essential
in your potentials
that push forward
to be a part
of you living aware
share and care
and sprout
into a new living
receiving and giving
allowing and accepting
what life offers you in moments
and teaches you that there are no ends
just an ongoing flow
you keep to grow
into being who you are
and you do not apart
from others, instead feel closer connected than ever
and it feels you are touched by a feather
gently reminded 
not blinded
just shown the kindness of life
 inviting you to dance jive
to celebrate alive
and share this energy
in a glee
with those who need it
with those who also live it
with those who do not believe it
and maybe you touched them so deep
that they will keep 
this lightness
you expressed
by dancing full of joy
to employ
their soul
to grow into being whole
with all their parts united
and not anymore divided
just to share the flame from inside
out of hide
visible in your sparkling eyes
that implies
filled with love
flying above
and spread your wings wide
and expand your inside light
into an atmosphere
that frees you from fear
and just magically uplifts you
to see your own truth
and learn to let go of false
that prevails
you from real being
and life is agreeing
you need to live your essentials
to reach your true potentials
and make a difference in your life
to dance with others this delightful jive
being alive.
So, what are you waiting for
when do you start to explore
your core
and live your peace
that puts you at ease
with living, receiving and giving.
Come on let's jump into openess
and life will bless
the new ways evolving
showing you revolving
a wide view
so you know what you need to do
to choose in your moments
and learn when to have patience.
Just be and life will be a glee.
Openess is such a wonder-filled way
that changes the color grey
into a blue sky
for you to apply
living deeply.

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin :)

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