Monday, May 27, 2013

Ego trip or Ego strip.....

There comes a time in life
when you realize that Ego strip
is a choice over Ego trip.

I was reading and smirking yes.

Smiles, Anke :)

Ps from the evening: sailing birds......smiles Pps: i just browsed through my Blog.....amazed about my own creativity.....i did create all those poems? i am still growing, it is just in hide lately and i enjoy this peace and freedom i created for myself again. And still.....Life is wonder. And all those moments it gave me already.....wonder, each one, valuable lessons, priceless....challenging, making my soul, heart and Being grow. Not always easy, it is those times when only essential things matter, you grow the most. When the unknown is filling all spaces inside and out and you just have the choice to surrender and let Life take the lead fully. And i am grateful for all, teaching me to stay open and to be alive. Greetings via being mobile in the evening. Lol from the Couch.....goofy me.....Ey!

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