Thursday, April 04, 2013

When I leap - Thursday poem

'When I leap

When I leap
nobody needs to creep,
into hide,
just smile at the bright
of life,
try to smile with me,
even you do not agree
and still you can feel yourself an inside urge
to splurge,
into your own potential
living the essential.
So, when I leap
 please do not creep
into hide,
just let yourself be inspired
and use my courage if yours is expired,
just jump out of the nest
and let life open its chest
of wonder,
not afraid to blunder,
just spreading your arms 
until it charms
your soul and heart,
to become a part
 of being alive,
get out of hamster-wheel-drive
and just dive,
in abudance
and dance,
however you need to,
whatever rhythm is true
and fly through blue
grey and foggy sky,
do not imply,
life just has mean ways
just watch how it sways,
you along
into a song,
where your heart, soul, body and being belong.
So, next time I leap,
please keep,
all this energy I share
because I care,
just use it aware,
for yourself
being an elf,
of refreshing new
to be you.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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