Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creating spaciousness......

Creating spaciousness includes letting go things/matters/or whatever you need to let go to, to create this 'wideness' of soul, heart and being, And what did I let go today, already?

1. Letting go of one business part. Feels good. Feels freeing. Feels like spreading my arms and accepting reality without any regret, frustration or sadness. Just letting go gratefully. I went to my limits and I took a choice. Grateful for this experience.

2. Letting go of 'needing-to-clear'. It does not matter, does it? Not really, not in the 'soul-heart-being-states', it is what it is, inspiring and that is so fine with me, it is enough.

3. Letting go of the bad consciousness, when I go on pupose different ways, so I do not have to cross with some, I do not want to see or talk to anyway.

4. Letting go of the 'taught-belief' I need to get along with everybody. I DO NOT NEED TOO, NO! 

5. Letting go of outcomes, yes once again. This might be an ongoing process. ♥LOL ;)

Let's see whatelse. 

See you around, smiles, Anke :)

6. I am letting go of the BIG DREAM and just create my everyday with my limits and boundaries, working with them, and create my days as fullfilled as possible, to actually live fullfilled and NOT JUST THINK ABOUT. Letting to of the mode 'when-then'. I let go of this mode fully and create aware out of my essentials. Being true to me, no matter what. Following my soul, heart and being, taking care of my body in love, with love

7. I let go of trying to be PERFECT. Imperfection is so beautiful and I really enjoy my OPENESS, learning, allwoing, accepting, viewing, being inspired, expierence. Of course not everything will be lived, done, finished perfect, this way of living. It is the imperfection which makes life so unique and inspiring. It is the 'off-norm-beings' which truely TOUCH you, not the NORM. It is those wild ones who, poke you and they are for sure not perfect in the common definition of flawless and always in control. It is the opposite, they are following their heart and soul and to learn how to trust them fully you need to make mistakes, you need to learn out of your mistakes, you need to open up and allow life, teaching you matters which are essential to your own core. 

 8. I let go of trying to make others happy. I can not make others happy in this extend that they do not need to 'create' it for themselves. I learned that only I CAN MAKE ME HAPPY by living in this way my inside gets filled. I will share my inside joy and delight with others, but I can not make them happy. And letting go of this is not easy and still there is no other way around. Like many found out themselves, either you find ways by yourself which fullfill you or can not expect others to make you HAPPY. Even this is not easy to live in a relationship......especially when you care and still you can share so much 'happiness' with the other, when the other is NOT (ups, forgot an essential word ;) )knowing how to create it her/hisself, it won't be understood or received fully or is totally depending on your giving.

9. I let go of waiting. Because it is limiting myself for the abundance lifes is offering me. Every day is a universe in itself and I am grateful for all. Yes even the tough challenges, because they teach me as well, important lesson.

PPS: Desert - strawberries, whipped cream and melted chocolate :)

'You can rebuild your life. Even in the most difficult times. You have the power to change the course of your life. Even now…even here… in spite of how difficult your situation might be. Because no matter what else may be happening, life is what you choose to make it. You have the power to get back everything you’ve lost. You can regain your health. You can earn more money and get back on your feet.

There is no shortage of ways that you can create value and make a strong comeback. People like you do it everyday — in all sorts of ways. You can too… once you make up your mind. You have GREATNESS within you! Begin to live your dreams now. You deserve! '

Les Brown
 'The new female is not limited in any way. She yearns to give the gifts she was born to give, and she does what is necessary to give them. Where her heart leads, she goes. No one defines her role for her. She is on a spiritual journey. Authentic Power is her destination.' 

- Gary Zukav

-> This made me ♥LOL! 


PS from the evening: PUH....lot's of driving...and all appointments done! Now something to eat for the kids and bed time......what a beautiful warm spring day! Sigh. 

How was your afternoon ? I wish you a wonderful evening.

See you later for for photo release...smiles :))) 

10. Letting go of ideas....just throwing them up into the wind and keep walking  my path. Smirk...;)

11. Letting go of the 'thinking' I need to push myself and my body. I do not need too.

12. Letting go of left expectations, which might be hidden deep inside in some corner, LOL..hiding becaus they do not want to be thrown out ;) And still...soul will 'put-the-light-on-them' and see what is behind so I can let go deeply.

13. Letting go of should, could, would.....and exchange them with, can, do, need to......

14.Letting go of being SUPER WOMAN....I am not and I do not want to be. I am just a normal woman, finding my way in life to live fullfilled and when this means living differently it means that and I am willing to live this, because that is essential to my heart and soul.

More? Let's seeeeeee....

15. Letting go of determined finding answers. Accepting the way life is teaching me.

16. Letting go of missing, letting go of longing. Love finds its way, no matter what.

17. Letting go of an illusion that might not possibel to live yet, due to evolution.

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