Thursday, April 11, 2013

Questioning - Thursday poem


Questions which emerge inside,
out of hide,
poking me to create answers,
adjust the sensing sensors,
of feeling into all,
not pulling into withdrawal,
instead couragous face
whatever comes up, in a grace,
wondering with an open mind
being kind
to my soul and heart,
find a start,
to love the questions deep inside,
let my intuition be the guide,
to slowly live my way into the answer,
letting be every step with my soul and heart an enhancer,
to find my way by walking
not talking,
actually doing this step
not afraid of mishap,
just living in and with compassion,
not as a fashion,
but as a deep integrated meaning,
ready for leaping,
into unknown grounds
till my heart pounds,
freely and wide
going with the tide,
of life
seeing the alive and not the deprive,
all the chances I am getting
and letting
find my way in my beings grace,
to fill my space 
inside and out,
sometimes calm and sometimes loud,
with color and my unique vibe,
living in this light,
that is not focusing on wrong or right,
just pulls you along
into a belong,
that just uplifts you in a sweep,
your heart and soul will always keep,
because it is energizing deep,
something you never felt before
and you feel the need to explore
and on the way to find your core,
again and again
and you stop to complain,
because nothing is in vain,
all is there
 to share,
with you an important lesson,
in a freshen
wind that carries you magically,
fascinates you quickly
and you can just surrender
in this splendor,
of warmth
that charms,
all of you,
rippling slowly through,
all your cells,
you to keep walking and spreading your arms,
you completely of your wapons,
and just see what happens
open aware and curious,
experiencing life
making you fully alive.
Questions from hide,
poking me to ride,
the winds of change,
life does arrange
and challenging me to grow
into my beings glow,
being who I was meant to be,
my BEING will agree,
in an authentic glee,
even this is not easy to live
and still you are ready to forgive,
all who can not understand
or comprehend
and take you as an offend,
you just wish for them to find their own questions in hide
and love them in the light,
till they slowly live their way into it,
and create their understanding complete.
Thank you questions of my life,
even sometimes you drive 
me to the edge
of the ledge
and the only choice I have is jump,
without knowing if I can fly or bump
into the ground,
or be astound
of what I am capable,
to grow into,
in my beings grace.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin :)

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