Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Share a smile - tuesday poem no. 2

'Share a smile

Share a smile
give the other a while,
to respond,
in joy and warmth,
that does not harm.
Share a smile
and it might take a while,
till the other is surprised
and realized
'HEY, that was one for me!'
and keeps walking in a glee
because this lighten up his day
which was mostly grey.
Share a smile even you get the impression it was not worth a trial,
this smile reached deep
and those will keep,
even you did not get one back
it probably did effect.
Share a smile,
 make life worthwhile
because sometimes it is faster over than you can imagine,
so why is your smile caging?
Share a smile 
show the person behind the paper pile,
that you understand,
can comprehend,
that sometimes matters overwhelm
and you shared some light in the paper pile realm.
Share a smile 
in freestyle,
even others might not smile back
and look at you with the facial expression 'What the heck?!?'
Just share your smile
make it your lifestyle,
to share your genuine warmth,
that just charms
and brightens up someones day,
which was mostly grey.
You never know 
how this smile keeps to grow,
from the one you shared with
in her or his bliss,
sharing with more
reaching the cores
to explore
a little kindness
which just bless.'

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 


lee said...

love your poem and your sunshiny cup and happy face, I sharing a smile at you

Anke Martin said...

Thank you LEE! SMILES to YOU :))))