Tuesday, April 02, 2013

If you need to shout - Tuesday poem

'If you need to shout

If you need to shout,
shout out loud,
if you need to throw,
all up into the air just blow,
if you need to scream
just scream till you lean,
if you want to attack,
remember in the back
of your feelings
this might makes you kneeling
after you hit 
the pit
of regret,
so instead 
just hold still
feel your will,
feel this urge to explode
and be aware it is not your fear or anger which will erode,
it is your being and soul
you steal away whole
dignity and grace,
by showing this hateful face.

Just be still

feel this powerful will
and instead of reacting
do just one ACTING,
give yourself a hug,
give yourself luck
being there 
this warmth
that charms.
Just give it to yourself
or maybe just count to twelve.
Either way,
with you
and see what is true.
Do not be fooled
or be cruel
by the EGO's way,
just stay
in your hearts power
and let is shower
in a slow comfort giving vibe,
spreading inside,
making you wide
in the soul, heart and being
life is wonder,
nothing to ponder,
just accept,
not expect,
just live
receive and give
whatever you need 
to greet life

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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