Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday poem: A smile

A smile

When a smile
emerges that haven't been there for a while,
it feels like deep inner joy
which will employ
your being,
not enhancing
just feeling deeply what it means
which obstacles it cleans
out of the way
to say,
'Hey, I am ready
to let be steady
and living fixed roles'
and all pretend falls
with a poff
and it is emerging a vibe of freeness
that makes your whole being confess
you need to live
and give
out of your true potential heart
and this smile is a start
 for couragous jump
knowing there is a risk to bump
onto things
and your wings
might need  more deeply to train
to be able to fly in the rain,
knowing nothing is in vain
it is your nows to be conquered and lived,
from life given gift
to accept it
without expected
without demand
without hoping
without picturing ahead,
just be with this smile
and listen to your intuition for a while,
being open what it shares
because it cares
and smiles as well in silent ways
touching this grace
that sways
 you along
into a shared being song
you just belong
and from there, you know
you do not need a pretend show
you just need to glow
in your own center
and magic will enter
your nows
which allows
you to slowly
grow into new
that is true
created from your heart
as a part
of life
pulsating alive
finding those ways
with grace
to live fullfilled
and not Ego willed
to pick up the beads
life spilled
let an inner treasure built
aware and with care
which is rare
to share
but the chance you got
and it means a lot
and it agrees with your deep inner knowing
there can be more growing,
real value
that involves not just a me but also a you
to nuture intuitive living
receiving and giving.
Fullfilled content living
as meant to be
and life just does agree.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin 

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