Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Poem: Letting go has dimensions

'Letting go has dimensions

Letting go has dimensions
 deeper or wider extensions,
not to mention
the tension,
which comes along
and pulls strong,
making you feel the pain
knowing it won't be in vain,
it will serve a purpose,
which will emerge to the surface,
after it is lived deep
and makes you leap,
into the new
and to yourself true ,
to explore,
of the unknown
which as grown
after letting go
and a light breeze will blow,
you back into the flow,
of living
and giving,
what is true to your core
ready for the new shore,
to discover,
as a life lover,
and recover
from the pain
feeling the rain,
on your skin
which makes you grin,
how delightful alive
the rain dances jive
in your life
to make you smile
and feel the inner emerging warmth for a while
and you know 
you choose authentic living over the show
and keep on going to grow
into deeply living fullfilled
with lifes beads spilled
and creating your nows
how it allows
from your essentials
into new potentials,
which are magic
and not tragic,
just fitting like a glove,
sending up a peace dove
with the wind to fly
and you grateful say goodbye
to whatever you let go
in lifes flow.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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