Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday poem: Healing wound aches

'Healing wound aches,
it feels like something breaks
inside open,
longs to be spoken,
out of your heart
finding that part
to start healing first
and do not burst
into anger
feeling like a sinking tanker
caught in a sudden
pushing the button
to feel aches
that breaks
me in halves
stealing the fullfilling laughs
not knowing right away what happened
that you feel so saddened
reaching for the light
that shines bright
but not able to reach
and you start to preach
to yourself
to your own magic elf
to guide you out
of the cloud
you got caught in
and the potential to spin
is there
you face aware
and still try to prevent
the event
of anger monsters climbing
and shut
your hearts door
disconnecting the explore
of open being
seeing the widesness
that bless,
you in every now
when you allow
to flow with life
and dance jive
and find back to alive
by accepting those monsters all the way
to let life sway
them away
and transform them into peace
settling back into at ease
of being
and agreeing
life is beautiful
and not just dutiful.
All I need to do
is to be true
to myself
and clean off the shelf
of monsters hiding
back into gliding
through open space
in deep inside grace.'

Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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