Saturday, March 22, 2014

Walking poem

Some day
one day
the now will be there
to share

Lightness of being
living and giving
what life is asking for

to explore
new shores of being space
filled with deep deep inside grace
no more chase
for control
just enroll
into lifes flow

knowing it let's you grow
into fullfilled being

aware with deep care
what needs to be lived
from all those gifts
life is offering

and puts you into a loving
being state

deeply living trust and faith
that Life is carrying you
to what is true

and aligns in naturally respect
without expected
just grateful accept

the imperfect
and allow freeness of living
receiving and giving

Editing soon...almost home ;) (Editing done ;) )

Ps: Intuition just released this 'Why are you still living under your potential? What is holding you back?' And i have a sensing, this is something for the wind to carry, whoever needs to find their own unique answer to this question. My answer? Got partly released yesterday...about mirroring beings, because i was not able to handle the storms, till i discovered and learned how to trust my inner strength enough to be with them.

So....tonight....full program being a woman, yep...including nail polish....had to ask one of cute wild monkeys where they are, lol....;)

Yes, I am only human....and you?

 I found some paper, with written being declarations on there...
I was carrying this for a while with me,
in my purse,
Because I needed it, 
those reminders to GROW into.
And I did.
I grew into it,
so grateful.

PS:  Wellness does not need to cost a lot of is about the inner STATE....which creates WELLNESS.....HOWDY from at home wellness program ;)

OH....already that late!!!!! Time to get going a little faster ;)
Inside status: calm....joyous calm. 

How is your inside?

Oh my....dear strong wind.....mellowing down?????? what the will be 'lightness pure'.....dear legs....hardcore training, trying to stay warm ;)

I guess cold front REACHED.....perfect timing? Somehow......a challenge that is asked to be mastered.....nicely dressed and facing the that holding back a piratess? NOPE....eY!
Okay, 30 min to get all ready.....yeah yeah....pushing it here no, i do not need long ;)
With make up, still natural not like to cover my freckles, lol......ey!

OH! I actually do not need rouge today....glowing cheeks, LOL.....well....warm wellness.....has its effect....I was preparing.....charging the body with warmth, the cold wind is not getting me fast....LOL..smirk...

Let's see if that works.....anyway, make up DRESS......OOAAAHHHHHH.......still CALM inside.....yep.....and no my intention is not cause craziness is my sharing of my expanding into authentic being.....EY! LOL...well....intention CLEARED! :)))

READY! And this dress requires....UPRIGHT posture...eY! LOL....gracefully EY! LOL..and those red cheeks, LOL..okay, taking a bath before dressing is just for me nicely dressing anyway.....NO OTHER PURPOSE BEHIND.....bold honest. It is a celebration to wear such a dress for my inner potential, I grew into.....LOL...yes, celebrating in my way. It feels very comfortable to wear and I am not at ALL WORRIED something slides down or somewhere else.....

30 Seconds To Mars - Bright lights

Song in the radio....sigh... 

Okay, I wish you a wonderful evening.

 Smiles to you :)))


Hello from late. It was fun wearing my dress, concert was good and thanks to a life presented someone, i made it out of the parked in parking lot. Grateful! There are no coincidences in life. Tonight showed me. Thank you life....

So, a little downshifting and then sleep. How was your evening?

Hhmm life was teaching me something, to be open....interesting....and that it is carrying me....i guess sometimes this independent woman, needs sometimes support....ey! And tonight i felt for seconds so helpless...and tada!!!! Help was there....and a good evening wish surprised was thinking about calling the police, but life had another plan ;) Tztztz...those coincidences, lol....or should i say, those MEANT to be NOWS? Still kind of surprised how nows the middle of night. Sigh....

Well, a fullfilled day intermerged into the new one time to grateful let go, thank you heart, soul, body and being. Thank you life. Living out loud, grown into and living fully potentials was fun! And i was in my calm-joy all night. Thank you to a dear friend, creating this opportunity :) 


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