Friday, March 21, 2014

Breakfast packed, getting kids going and then?

....creating a stone 2 out of, good morning :) May our day be full-filled and give us whatever we need.
Smiles, Anke :)
May your day be filled with ya!
Done! Eeehhhaaa... 15 stones. And beautiful blue sky :)

Smirk and ey! A drawing from my little house on my inner island...yep....but he did not know...he just drew it for me :) And uh wow....even i just pushed those stones to align on the ground, i am somehow beat, house tasks and day is going towards its end again...well kind of...too fast for my off i really have an off day thursday???? Lol...not really but a little gap in the morning which was not today and shared delight with me already, full delight, no not depending on it, free being, i have been in it already and aligning with nows....thank you life. Okay, how about creating some island feeling now? Hhhhmmm...sure why not???? And the vacuum cleaner is my adventure sword? Lol....sounds! See you around...response not there yet....there was no gap of being for it yet....let's see....growing yes...all i know is this: it was another phase of choosing free being again....towards lightness and grace....yep. Turbulences of growing grateful passed and blue wide sky with gentle winds reached :)

Uh wow....sitting on the couch feels fullfilling good, lol...and i am grateful another matter is 2/3 done...this wall....grateful for all the support and aligning nows :)

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