Thursday, March 13, 2014

For sure a woman, lol.....

Why? Because my night sleep was poor, due to the opening up to get this dress when it is still there, lol.....funny!!!! A new part of me....wonder if i can wait till the opening this morning, lol....goofy-silly me.....laughing allowed, or is it something else as well? Hhmmm...who knows, some forming matters? Well, to my day. Dear day, tight shedule to get all done, aligning nows? Thanks in advance.....smirk.....eyeyeyeye....inner piratess is having a huge adventurous grin on her face, lol.....Thanks to all who make this opportunity possible :)))))))
May our day be filled with shared joy to support us to stay fully in this sparkling refreshing grace of being. Free and wide inside.
Smiles, Anke :)

Ps: Cross your fingers for me, i am going for it this morning, in a tight time frame....
Lol...okay, taking a deep breath,
dear being,
Calmness....maintaining, lol....
or allowing this energy????

Will see....ey!

And yes, all good, lol...i am still me inside, not getting a style freak, lol...too much work,
this joy has to do with potentials i am growing into,
that is why, this joy is there.

Coming as i am, 
Lol...i guess that dress aligns with my inner state of being,
Living loving
Loving living
Not lowering myself anymore,
giving myself the permission,
To live my energy however it is,
Authentic strength....full vibe.

Yes, i know powerful energy behind it.


Delightful sigh :)

Okay, pulled back into my now ;)

Catch for you calm-joy :))))

Hhmmm, it is a lesson about pulling yourself back into the now alias calm-patiently-being, trusting life to align, even there is this energyful joy potential around.....hhhmmm....
dear intuition.....aha!
Training ground, preparing...for matters to grow into and live fully in calm-joy without overjoyed, lol....sigh....
there is a sense for all, smiles :)

Okay, intuition released: it is a beautiful dress and still what is really behind this, 
Is the potential i am challenging myself with, to not hide anymore,
expressing my inner state on the outside.
Couragously and graceful.

Okay, the chance to experience this, is this joy. i am for sure a woman, yes, expressing my inner states fully.
In color.

With full vibe behind.

It is the real deal grace.
Not lived to impress or demonstrate snobish pretend something on the outside,
The whole full sense is to adjust inner and outer state into one melted being.

Lol...okay, appropriated to the now occasions, work i still dress normal ;)

HSPs are associated with rainbows...
Yes, it is about living the rainbow colors.
Full spectrum.
And you?

Oh, book store is open already:)

I got it :))))
Tight for reading mom...eyeyeye...

Puh! Lol...all good, perfect made it in time, now picking up cute wild monkeys and starting to prepare for later ....

And yes....i got it, delightful grateful sight!!!!!

Thank you life.

Puh wow...time to slow down, lol..high speed, getting all done...and the dress....sigh.

Wearing it soon.

Deep inside grateful.

Okay, my phone camera is not getting the color it is a in between bordeaux of those two shades...

Okay, for sure slowing down, fine with me, time to ease into my calmness again.
Quite comfortable to ease back into calm being.
Choosing it aware.
And still living this push of energy was aligning just right.
Meant to be.
And since this was the experience circle, 
time for the learning circle next and first back to the core, 
Just being....interesting,
so i am switching, between,
Experiencing- being-learning-being-experiencing-learning-being circles....

Well...intuition released and i agree fully: highspeed is sometimes okay when the energy is there and live it fully, jumping and going with flow and still calm being is my know why life gave me the now to experience.

Time for baking cake....ey!
So, when intuition is poking with a lot of energy, 
living it out, following it, is my choice.
Because that is the flow of aligning nows.
Meant to be....
13.33 on the 13.03

Chaos queen this afternoon...forgot to buy butter to finish my cake .....sigh...i am getting there;)

Yeah....chaos sorted....ready....ey!

So, birthday party was good.
And even that was good, weird vibes in the air this afternoon....and sad news this evening.
Life can be short, it is always another dimension when people die, in the same age than me.

And still, it is a part of life, either you live everyday fullfilled or not.
Life can be faster over than you think.

Grateful for every second, no matter what.

Thank you life, heart, soul, body and being.

Grateful letting go.

Kind of beat....adding up mixed vibes is a challenge sometimed, especially in the low vibrations and still, 
I am okay, just being with it.
And my inner calmness will find its way.

Good night.

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