Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday poem: The year of intuition

' The year of intuition

The year of intuition,
is there close,
living without supicion,
open, wide and free to be
following with what my inside will agree,
listening to my soul,
completing to a whole,
with my body and heart,
to create a start,
living into a deeper dimension
of life comprehension,
able to trust,
is not a must,
it is a choice,
enhancing this tender voice,
that emerges from inside
out of hide,
into release
and puts being to ease,
living my nows
creating wows
surprise me again and again
showing me rainbows after the rain,
share with me the true magic
not looking anymore for the tragic,
just flowing with the waves
in deep inside grace,
knowing whatever happens,
it is teaching me a lesson that deepens,
whatever needs to be learned
not earned,
just openly received,
it is beyond believed,
it is a wideness of being,
and living in sync
with instinct,
creating joy and delight,
letting fly an inner kite,
sensing into the wind
atuning with the hint,
it delivers,
which sometimes creates shivers
and a response,
that belongs,
to my core
and shows me how to explore,
new ways
in my own pace,
trusting the unknown,
knowing that I have grown,
into so many new already
that the only steady,
is change,
even it is at first strange,
it will get used to
and life will show me what is true,
being and living fullfilled,
picking up the beads one by one life spilled
and create with them aware
in and with deep inside care.

Dear new year coming,
there is no longing,
for you to come faster than your own pace,
because it is a melting transitional grace,
from being into intuitively living
receiving and giving.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 

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