Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday poem: Moaning and groaning

' Moaning and groaning
is a creation from life,
when it reminds me on being alive
in the midst of chaos and mess,
to confess,
yes, I long for being that certain alive
dancing soul jive
feeling the energy growing
the urge to be, knowing,
it has been already too long
I entered into a created being song
aligning nows
in which sparkling matter allows
being inspired
somehow wired
in deep understanding and comprehending
and still knowing it is not up to you or me
when to be
in this unique glee,
it is just an open living and seeing
 what life has to offer
to train you as a life lover
for whatever purpose
creating until then with your own turquoise,
a color with meaning
a color which creates leaning
into living aware
ready to care
and when you need to jump
risk a bump
onto the ground
but the expierence found
makes you couragous take the risk
feeling the mist
of fresh air
with its unknown flair
and still you choose to jump
before you slump
in holding onto the old
which prevents to find gold
and create new
aligning with your inner true
melting and merging with your inner magenta and blue
create with your love and freedom
let emerge the wisdom
and trust intuition,
live transition
from now to now
and allow,
all, in openess,
even it is a mess
and trust,
which is not a must,
instead a choosen state
that creates
ways, in the sun and through the shades
of being authentic you
going through all,
and just free fall
when necessary
to choose lightness over weary
and trust deeply into living
that it is giving,
you, what you need
to breath
and be alive
dancing soul, heart, body and being jive.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 2013

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