Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday poem - Let go of all

' Let go of all

Let go of all 
and life will enthrall,
you with what you really need,
and arranges a meet
and greet,
to nuture your soul
back into the whole
of being
trusting and seeing,
what your nows have to offer
knowing the lover
inside of yourself
being your own elf,
creating nows
to be
and agree,
with your living, even your giving,
is not known if received
but you know it  needs to be lived,
sharing out of inner joy and peace,
this ease,
of being,
in your own warm light
which provide,
 a comfort around you,
essentials becoming true,
you feel the wideness of blue
and the warmth of red
and you let
both colors mix,
not as a fix,
instead as a melted creation,
that supports you to be patient
in storms of 'want to know now',
but life does not allow
this Ego trip
and just skip
to live this way
instead sway,
the attention away
from Ego to Being
 and enter this space of grace,
to deal with too much at once,
which triggers reactions more than response
and you know reacting is not doing you good,
it is not Being food
so you just take care ,
of your thoughts,
what all your inner team player brought
to view and accept,
all their concerns, mishap
and worries
listen to their stories
and choose wise,
which you let arise
and which you transform,
before it is a storm
that overrolls you fast
in a vast,
so when too much added up
and it makes you feel like want to drop,
onto the floor
you are too tired to explore,
just be
and see,
what happens, let all go in grace
clear out your inner space,
to fill it with lightness
that bless,
your being with calmness,
that makes you confess
it was a mess
but you see again the light
after clearing all,
while free fall
and life takes care
and will share
when it  matters to your life
to dance jive alive.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin

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