Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slowing down - Saturday poem

'Slowly growing

Slowly growing,
is like bowing,
in front of life,
accept grateful the leading
which arranges meetings,
delightful surrender
to the splendor,
of being
and seeing,
where it aligns
with making you smile signs,
filling your inside with light
making this being space wide
and share this created delight
out of hide
into living and giving,
truely inspired
how intuition is wired
and guids you along
into your own deep song
and start trusting even deeper
become a couragous leaper,
to grow deeper into being
which is agreeing,
with all,
and free fall,
trust into free jumping
even your heart feel like stop pumping,
you know life will catch you
and show you what is true,
opens up the wide blue
to see the clarity you need
to greet
 life with openess
create out of the mess
beautiful nows,
which allows,
all to be there,
you just need to share
out of care
in its full beauty
not seen as duty 
but in pure joy,
which pulls all energy out of destroy
and tranforms it into new
 creating an I and you
to be in peace and at ease,
with whatever comes
and belongs
or not and let it go
into the flow 
of life when it reached its now
to allow,
new to fill,
with intentional will,
the space of being,
with grace agreeing,
what needs to be lived,
when to forgive
and when to pause
not seeing life from the view of loss,
instead grateful choose what you gained
even it rained
on the top of moments of pain
knowing nothing is in vain
and just slowly grow into
what is true
and aligns
with signs
showing you the potential,
living in your essential
and connect 
without expect
just grateful accept
and letting go 
to stay in the flow
of growing slow,
into meant to be
 will agree.'

- Created and Copyright Anke Martin 2013


mim said...

Thanks for all the poems and your art work, which I like so much. I, also, like your idea of taking down old posts. My daughter has just shut down a couple of blogs of her's that she's been keeping for 10 years. we just read an article about blogging being "dead." Oh dear. I still enjoy reading what my friends post. Best to you in the year ahead, and thanks for sharing with us.

Anke Martin said...

Thank you Mim for your feedback...blogging is out? Mmmhh...I still enjoy it, LOL :) Yes turning post offline is somehow freeing and supports my inner growing. Thanks for being here and reading xoxoxoxo to you, smiles, Anke :) And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! And a Happy NEW YEAR!