Monday, November 11, 2013

Invitation - November poem


Open invitation
for 'to be' space creation,
freely allowing,
slowly growing,
whenever necessary letting go in peace
living out of ease,
knowing the connection is there
and you still share,
even you are further away
and it still makes you stay,
in your own inner belonging,
no missing forming,
just utterly grateful for what you live
and life has to give,
in every moment
you spend
aware in care
for living, receiving and giving.
It is a living out and in full-filled
peaceful spilled,
into your nows,
inner opening which allows,
to melt and merge
expierence deeply
that greets me
with meditative calm vibes
no urge for fights,
just utterly needing to surrender
into the splendor
of deeply being,
 circle expands
energy enhance
and it puts your inner peace
into a joy release,
that knows how to please
your whole exisiting
in a shifting
of trust,
that is not a must,
it is just there,
you just care
and enjoy to share
the creation of space
full of grace.

So, are you accepting ?
This open invitation
offered without expecting
instead full of respecting
and deep understanding,
relating and inner comprehending,
free from pretending,
utterly being who you are,
your own shining star,
creating delight,
that spreads wide,
surrounds your body with grace
puts you into a slow pace,
loosing space and time
which align,
with your essential,
making you grow into potential,
you never lived before
and it creates joy in every pore.

So, are you accepting ?
This life offering invitation,
with patience,
to create with time a space,
full of authentic being grace,
creating as well a radiant smile on your face
because it fills you deep inside
which is usually in hide
and opens up to the light,
spreading your arms wide,
enjoying the free-ness
and at the same time be blessed
with a connection
that knows how to accept perfect imperfection
in an affection,
which is not known yet
and still you just surrender to let,
this new, 
teach you,
how it is,
being in this bliss
and take care of it aware
so it can be created again and again
even in the pouring rain
knowing nothing is in vain,
all is there to keep you alive
dancing jive,
in sync,
jumping on the brink,
into unknown
and be blown,
by the wind,
not to be spinned,
instead to spread
your wings wide
and glide
through life's sky,
having sparkles in your eye
ready to live the being adventure aware and full-filled,
sharing this bond
in and out of deep inside respond,
balancing force
out of the inner peace source,
inspiring and grateful accepting,
each's own circle of being,
in understanding
when space is needed
and solitude needs to be greeted,
knowing without fear of loosing,
it is a necessary choosing,
to allow space in grace,
to create again
and span its' warmth
around which charms,
your whole soul
and heart
and body as an united part,
creating a calm joy,
to employ,
your inside potentials
out of essentials,
what needs to be lived,
given as a gift,
from life
making you fully alive.

So, are you accepting ?
The invitation to be,
without expecting,
just deeply trusting to the messages of your core
and see ,
what to explore,
sailing off to new shore,
living, receiving and giving
in and with love,
that fits comfortable warm like a glove.

So, are you accepting,
this invitation to create
out of the shade
into the light,
to shine bright,
just in your own way
a spontaneously play
from now to now
and just allow?'

Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 2013

Grateful for this release and time to let go again.

Smirk..and time for NATURE, YEP.

See ya!

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