Thursday, November 07, 2013

Being in inner peace - thursday poem

'Being in inner peace

Being in inner peace
a wide spreading release
of openess
and a confess
of your deep inside potential
lived out of your essentials,
connected no matter what,
creating a start
whenever necessary
and clarity
is providing
 you with the joy
you need to employ
into growing deeper
being a leap-er
into deeper being dimensions
which are enhancing 
your core's energy states
that being in peace creates
and finding those who live this aware
and you can share
this deep inside understanding, is so rare
and it makes you just deeply care
in case you cross life with those,
life chose,
to arrange a meeting now,
to allow,
the wonder of being to unfold,
knowing deep inside this is like gold,
grateful bowing in front of life
spreading your arms wide
feeling alive
and grateful accept,
let go of expect,
surrender to lifes magic,
let go of tragic,
fully expand into being and sharing
out of deep inside caring,
this peaceful being,
on a deep level living life
dancing jive alive.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 2013

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