Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday poem: With intention

'With intention

With intention into another being dimension
of sharing space
in this beings grace
creating an invisable lace
that just amaze,
you and me
to see
what needs to be learned
without concerned
just openly expierencing
without starting of fencing
without vowing
just trusting
and busting
free in case you try to hold on
for longer than long,
because you know
life will show
you more wonder
and you do not need to ponder
over one now that happened 
and letting go used to make you saddened,
instead you learned
that those nows can not be earned
just grateful accept
without expect
open up fully to them
living this moments zen
feeling what needs to be felt
and dealt
to keep growing
to let the inspiration reach
while bowing
with deep respect
get the message life will teach
in an understanding 
that is a mending
your inside wounds to heal
and reveal
your unique potential
showing you, your essential
to live full-filled
and pick up the bead which life spilled
and create with it your nows
and sometimes it just leaves you with a WOW!
because it is pushing you to grow
and flow
with life
to dance soul-heart-body-jive
because you really feel alive.

With intention
you can create dimension
for expansion
of being
seeing, living, agreeing
to be who you are
in par 
with life
and welcome your day with a yes
which makes you confess
you love living
and are living love
having wings like a dove
and grounded like a tree
to live lifes glee.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin

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