Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Dear longing - tuesday poem

'Dear longing

Dear longing
you remind me on belonging
in the now
and allow
which sometimes does or does not enthrall
my being
and still I need seeing
what is
heavy or bliss
and choose aware
for what I care
to live
and give
to my moments
even sometimes
this longing is so deep
and it pushes me to leap
not knowing what will come next
how complex
it will be
life makes me feel and see
what is dear to my essentials
growing slowly into my potentials
living the hope 
and find ways to cope
when this longing to dive deep into those nows
makes you release astonished 'wow's'
hit by those in a sudden again
and it feels like pouring down rain
to remind me 
nothing is in vain
even I feel pain
and how deep this need is to share delight
being pure awareness
which is bareness
of souls and hearts
and still imparts
a warmth
that just charms
all of me and maybe you as well
if we can dispel
the fear and intimidation
of the Being invitation
to communicate
without a gate
just free flowing
deep inside
and feeling how light
this moment feels
reveals its appeals
keeping you wondering what this expierence was
what it did cause
and how you can create it again
because you know deep inside it is a zen
which is hard to find
which is hard to be defined
and still you need to follow this inspiration
through frustration
which shows you how it is not to be achieved
and not to be grieved
instead letting go of this constant searching show
and allow the flow
of being
teaching you seeing
how to enter and create
in the sun or shade
aware for yourself first
to still the thirst
and maybe someday life will give me another chance
to dance
in a now
when you allow.
So dear longing
I know I miss this deep inside belonging
and it is okay
one day
it might happen again
until then I dance alone in the sun and rain.

-Created and copyright by Anke Martin

HA! I found that quote again :))))

'The new female is not limited in any way. She yearns to give the gifts she was born to give, and she does what is necessary to give them. Where her heart leads, she goes. No one defines her role for her. She is on a spiritual journey. Authentic Power is her destination.' 
- Gary Zukav

Grateful letting go.
Thank you life for all.

Good night.

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