Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday poem: Vacation from

'Inner vacation from
is not won,
it is surrendered in all,

to free fall,

let go deep

take the leap,
to feel the pain

knowing it won' t be in vain,

it will free you from negative attached,

  knowing it is not far-fetched

and let go

into a flow

of being,


life is in the lead

you let go of greed,

which feed
only your ego
to fill its creedo
to want more,

which this matter is not, like in a store,

to be bought

or to be for fought

or to win and own,

no, it has shown,

its freeness,

that blesses and makes confesses,

of how deep it reaches,

how it teaches,

you and me,

to see,
clearly what it is,

a burden or a bliss

and choose aware

with care,

  a break,

not to fake,

instead to be with all,

free fall inside,

out of inner hide

into wide

created space,

full of grace,

allowing you to let go of chase

and face,

all that tries to hold on

and which is not there to belong

in this free being song.

So taking a break in deep trust,

is not a must,

it is a choice,

listening to your intuitive voice

and follow,

because you know it is not hollow,

this matter,

it will either shatter
or deepen even more

in your core

and when coming back,

it either is clear you need to explore

or loose the track,

to learn

and earn


which nobody can take

because they make you wide awake

and feel alive,

make you dive ,

into it deep,
to greet,
your own fullfilled,

not ego willed,

instead filling from inside out,

without doubt,

just letting go

and grow,

bow ,

with lifes waves

with grace

and learn what being elegance is
and choose that calm-bliss,

with care

to share

in those nows,

which allows,

to live this again and again
and span ,

  a wideness

full of lightness,

into your living


and giving

for the truth to unfold,

which is inner gold,

which supports you to be bold,
in your authentic soft-strength,

your treasures,

to be lived,

as a gift.

So when i am back from inner vacation,

it is again an invitation,

to keep growing

and learn inner warm glowing
and share aware,

in your own openess,

whatever you confess

to life.'
- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin 

Give yourself the space of grace and you can let go of the chase.

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