Saturday, September 21, 2013

Creating adventure....

.....a mini one....with my backpack and me, lol....see you later, may we all have a wonder-filled day! And see what we can be grateful for, Ey!

Smiles, Anke :)

Ps: sometimes the Sun is closer than you think, Smirk ;)

Lol....nuturing my Zen.....something i have in my mind for a while.....Japanese garden.....visiting again.....sigh....feels good....

And after some Zen....pulsating life, lol ....sigh.....being in and with all. Ey! Lol big city Life from Marlon Roudette  just emerged out of me ;)

From the land of bounded papers with lot's of words to the land of pretty to look at things but not really needing ANY of it, lol.....

Lunch! And;) And just being. Yep. My intention for today: openess, creating delight and adventure.....

Ps: dear body hang in there....throat ache....oh well....wondering in do so many people know each other in the city??? I guess a city is just a small village too ;) Okay....enough city Life....back to is your Day so far?

Back. Grateful for this morning. Cold is taking over i can tell.....Time to surrender and take it easy easy....the raising outside temperatures are not body needs to deal with more than one it all the support it needs. Ey!

Ps: Silence feels good. Mmhhh

After Meditation, which felt very good ( reminder to myself - doing it too less right now) i felt like creating piano sound. And i will do this. Alone in the house....just for me. Music is filling my wished i could play better...well therefore i need more exercise, lol..which is not on my priority list now....just grateful i still can play good enough for myself....;) yep grateful for what i got and create with that full-fillment. Sigh....Thank you saturday...Thank you Life for carrying me.

And letting go of shattered hopes or hopes that are left but you know reality is different, when you see the illusion clearly and know it is tempting to hold onto but it did not work out before and wonder if this illusion would be ever possible to be lived, i am just grateful for my Intuition, because it is reminding me, to let go and trust my deep inside....hello inside peace. Smiles :) Bending with the winds and still resting and nesting in my core, and yes bending with the wind takes energy....and still so worth investing this energy because you will have more in the sum after some major development steps. And my changing phases seem to be between 12-13 years....Wow...interesting!

It is creating with knowledge, intuition and experience and finding new ways.....there is no 'pattern' created already to just copy....Ey! Hanging out at my grandma, she is sharing old old old times....intuition released: how boring would Life be, when we wouldn't have the past? Lol.....and still life is more full-filling being in the now fully aware, even some past was wonderful. ;) SUN feels good. Sigh....swinging I am an occupational therapist......yep.....a moment reminded i will write a book...about What? Lol...could be many or just one subject...reading an interview with Galsab Tschinag and a question to him: what makes him feel powerless? His answer: 'a human being who is sitting across him and does not open anymore. Such a human assumes often others as an enemy.' ......Wow.....and yes so sad....i can sense those matters too....

Wow...there was a surprise waiting for me.....thank you dear friend....delight! Surprised!

So back at camp ground.....editing post soon...making it more creative, was your day so far?

I wish you a wonderful EVENING!

How is your BALANCE doing again?

'Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is Not Think, Not Wonder, Not Imagine, Not Obsess. Just Breathe and have Faith that everything will turn out for the best.'
-  Unknown
P137 - DAY 36

DAY 37
Grateful for all.
Letting go now.
May we all have a very good night rest.
Good night. 
Smiles, Anke :)

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