Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color Island time....and let's see whatelse...

 LIVE! - Motto for today.

 And some older photos, since I am going to create now.
Enjoy until news ones are up ;)

See you around...urge to create.....letting go of things, emptying system.....gathering strength....letting the soul fly....EY!

PS: And enjoying the silence in the STUDIO, LOL ;)

Smiles, Anke :)

PPS: It's going to be a recycled one....;)

On the song list: Andreas Bourani - so leicht so schwer 

Just putting this first white layer one......lifted me up again...let my soul get ready to take made me smile - I could feel how it started and got wider.....feels to keep BEING. 

And the big HOW question this morning: How can I keep individuals in my life which make me feel good? And be me?

DONE! SIGH....oh my this felt soooooo goood!!!!!!!

SMILE in my FACE, want some? Here you go CATCH!

Title: 'up-growing'  
Photo later...lunch...HUNGRY.... 

PS after lunch: Here are the photos of this recycled Collage - 'Up-growing'  ENJOY! 

Ps: For whoever posted that 'beautiful-comment'. THANK YOU :) I guess once in a while 'cheer-up' even the strongest need, LOL....a laughing out loud in joy. 

Okay, I wish you an amazing rest saturday! I am getting ready.....concert tonight. Roxette and Sunrise Avenue....sigh...never have been on a 'bigger-concert' like that. SO YES - a first time in a STADIUM. 
I let you know how it was.....women night out....Thank you LIFE for all the 'up-lifting-chances' I got so far today! 

PPS: 'Simmering-release' is clueless about this how question..Yep..oh well. I guess finding those individuals on my way who 'tick-like-me' and maybe someone with the same 'wave-length' is open for 'being-friends' and fuel my inspiration.....back to 'open-approach' and LIVING LIFE! 
Yes, I am still smiling, yes! sometimes tiny little things can free you from something heavy.....;) :) and fills your inside with sparkles ******* and bubbles

PS from the early morning: Sigh...concert was very very GOOD! :))) So off for bed!
How was your afternoon and evening? Fun? Freedom? Joy? Flying soul? Sparkles inside? 

Okay....see you later.....around 8 hours, LOL...goofy me.....then it will be rise and shine.....well, let's see about shine, might take a little longer ;)  Hahaha...some after midnight humor, EY!

PPS: Well, longer comment to my HOW question today: I tell you what, since I can not force individuals to stay in my life or go next to me through my life, since it is their option and decision if they really want to. And I do not want to force anything. I just keep 'floating-with-life' and whoever is joining me for a little while is okay, maybe some of them join me a little longer, maybe only short and maybe some can't get along with me at all. So, I will still express that they make me feel good, so that they know and then they can decide for themselves the connection makes them feel good too or not. Because 'being-friends' is something voluntarily and should be fun not duty. You like to share something and the other like so share something with you, because you connect and you both get a 'warmth' out of it. This 'click', understanding without words. And since I enjoy my freedoms and my solitude times, no clinging from me. Because I do not want anybody to cling to me....EY! Yes I know what I want, which makes sometimes, life easier and sometimes not. 

So, short answer to my 'How' question today: I will express my appreciation to someone, when that someone is 'giving-me-something-voluntarily' as sharing, inspiration, fun, clicking. Because that is important to me, to value that, this is coming from my soul. My soul is grateful to all impulses and inspiration. And than see what happens. Either that someone can relate or not, and if not, it was not meant to be. And maybe they only gave something for a little while, I still appreciate that 'little-giving', that 'little-sharing', whatever it was, it must have been touching my soul and heart and that is definitely worth an appreciation. Because that has to do with dignity and being thankful what life is offering, in those moments. And  yes, those moments, sometimes make me speechless, surprise me, give me more than I can imagine, help me grow and learn. Plus you never know how fast, your life can be over and  I do not want to miss this chance to say THANK YOU for something that inspired me, and helped to stay connected to my soul and heart, because that is was INSPIRATION is - keeping you connected to your inner core, filling it up, so that you can live your life being you. And out of staying connected I can follow my heart and soul.

LOl, longer than I thought....seems like 'simmering-release' is working early, really good me. No, I did not drink alcohol, just water......I prefer to stay 'awake-with-my-senses' and expriences my world clear. EY!

I can be hilarious without....just being me....hahahaaaahhhhaaa...okay some might don't think I am hilarious but we had a couple good laughs about me, tonight, me being tired and 'talking-funny-word-combinations' an example?  In german instead of saying 'Faradayscher Käfig', there came out 'Faradayscher KAEFER' , in englisch: instead of cage, I said bug. LOL......yep, no substance needed to be FUNNY and hilarious....just being me.....'creative-crazy-wild' creating word mixtures...or 'error-connection-in-brain'....LOL....yawn, okay....downshifting is to meet the bed bugs and fighting with the bed sheet, to hold it tight, LOL...enough of me tonight, or this early morning....see you later..... :)

-> please, overread my mistakes- it is early in the morning.....;)

PPS: This comment from really did cause something soul got amazing. Well, I have to admit....once in a while a 'cheer-up' is feeling really comforting, even for the strongest or bravest, and normally, you think, they don't need that. They actually do need this also. So next time, you cross a 'strong-individual' on your way, remember, even 'strong-indivdiuals', even 'fighters-for-the-light' need once in a while a 'cheer-up'. 
THANK YOU from my soul and heart.


bedrooms first said...

This is a really useful post, keep up the excellent quality writing, You are a bright light!

Anke Martin said...

Hi Bedrooms first, THANK YOU. THAT made ME SMILE for sure. :))))))

Smiles, Anke :)

mim said...

As always, I love your photos, I'm amazed by your collages, and in awe of how you write your posts - you are awesome, my dear.

Anke Martin said...

Thank you Mim. MIM! This pouring into my fingers is making me in awe a lot of times as this is the way my heart is pushing me too and my soul is able to fly.
Like I wrote today in my post, kind of surreal....but a process I just have to follow somehow...hard to explain....pilgrimming is the best words I guess or 'growing-soul'.
Creative energy is powerful and either you 'flow' with it or this energ is getting stuck somewhere in the body which DOES not feel good!

Smiles, Anke :)