Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saturday poem: When life feels strange...

'When life feels strange

When life feels strange
due to change.

When life feels strange
by new things arrange.

When life feels strange
due to a sudden limited heath range.

 When life feels strange
when matters rearrange.

Just  be.
And see.
What happens
and gladdens
your heart and soul in the now
and allow 
all to be there
because it is a part of lifes share,
with you,
to see what is true
and how it aligns,
so the inner light shines,
from deep inside,
like a bright light,
guiding you through the strange
in the change
that everybody faces in their lifes
you can see in their eyes
what they went through,
because it is shows in a deep brown, green or blue
and you share this bond,
from deep inner being to being
life may be strange at some point
and still the joint
is in the same expierence
not the outer appearance,
so just accept
with deep respect
without expect
utterly be
and see
all is given for a reason
no matter what nature season
and still live this bliss
that just is
deep inside
coming out of this guiding light
that grows
with bows
you face in changing strange
life will arrange.

So when life feels strange, just be
and see.
Be there in your now
 to allow
all the little things life is giving,
for your fullfilled living.'

- Created and copyright by Anke Martin  

Smirk...a poem just emerged.

Smiles :)

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