Friday, January 31, 2014

Poem: Inner calmness

' Inner calmness

Inner calmness
is not a mess.
It is a blessing,
in your nows
which allows,
all to be there
and choose with intention to share,
out of care,
or let it be
because you see,
it is better this way
and reaction may,
endangers your deep calm being,
how life is
a beautiful bliss,
not choosing out of impatience
choosing over invations
from Ego's poking,
your being,
to be awake,
seeing what is at stake
and break
the pattern of fear,
choosing what is dear,
to your heart and soul,
to enthrall,
being alive,
dancing a calm authentic being jive,
knowing all has its time,
all has its chime
and the responses and understandings will come,
pulling you into a song
you know, you belong,
living in a deepness
which is a completeness,
never expierencds before
and invites you to explore
 it more,
to learn and grow
enter a flow
of intuitively living
receiving and giving
creating new
which is utterly true
to your core
making you expand to a new shore,
not knowing exactly where it is and will be,
just following glimpses which make you see,
the courage to start
a new art
of living your life
trusting inspiration surprise,
which enter on a deeper level
that delights all your being in a revel, 
living fullfilled no matter what
create new a start,
when necessary
stepping out of blurry
into the light,
that delight joyous living
grateful receiving and accepting
without expecting,
just spreading your arms wide to open up,
let all non-essential drop
and care,
of your deep inside potentials,
which are your essentials,
to live fullfilled
and not Ego willed.'

- Created and Copyright by Anke Martin

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