Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nature's will to BLOOM....

Good morning! Just a quick stop for now, BUSY morning, but I was amazed already this morning.
See photo above. This sunflower looked like it gave up, watering did not help and we just left it. Stepping outside this morning what do I SEE? LOOK at this YELLOW!
THIS is, the ENERGY, you carry inside of yourself as well! Nature is showing us ! This energy to never give up and still give all to BLOOM to be who you are, no matter what!!!!
So, instead of holding this energy down, let it go, let it flow and get CARRIED by it, through your life! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!
Some, amazing sign this morning, showing the amazing wonders of LIFE!  THANK YOU!

Okay, need to get I wish you a great DAY with LOT's of SUNSHINE in your heart and soul! And this amazing blue sky to spread your wings and FLY!

See you around......I WILL BE BACK....LOL......goofy me....;)

'Wer niemals ausser sich geraet
wird niemals in sich gehen.'

- Paul von Heyse ( 1830-1914 )

-> there is a lot of truth to it.
And a smile emerging on my 'face'.
Yes - a special situation.
ENJOY travelling inside!
And never GIVE up finding this TREASURE of yours INSIDE!

Smiles, Anke :)

'Nur die Seele weiß, was Liebe ist.'
'Was wir am nötigsten brauchen
Menschen, die uns ermutigen,
das zu tun, was wirklich in uns steckt.'

'Most people come to know only one corner of their room, one spot near the window, one narrow strip on which they keep walking back and forth. In this way they have a certain security... We, however, are not prisoners.' -Rainer Maria Rilke
  PS around lunch: BACK - cooking and listening to the soundtrack of BRAVE or in german Merida. A BEAUTIFUL inspiring movie and awesome music :))) Yep you guessed right, SOUL flying music, LOL....
 So, how is your day? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure?
Liebe zündete ein Feuer in meiner Brust,
alles, was keine Liebe war, ging.“ 

  PUH....lot's of that 'whinning-again'.......yep......finding ways to stay centered.....a challenge. 
If I manage? LOL...WE will see. ;)

PUH! What an afternoon: 2 hours in the children hosital, due to a bee sting on child no.3 yesterday...and all bad swollen. SO, now cooling and back to the doc tomorrow....WHAT AN to keep a wild monkey sitting still....and hope for the best....not really wantind an infection to grow......NOPE. 
How was your day? Well, mine kind of 'crazy-wild' and not much smart to utter, dear BLOG readers a nice break from me, LOL....goofing around...feels nice to finally letting go of tension and 'waiting-frustration'........'piratess-says-hi' EY! 
Last PS for sure tonight: I AM OFFICIALLY POOPED! Lot's of whining around lunch, keeping a 3 year old from scratching her foot for two hours and being constantly behind now, so that she won't take off here cooling packs plus 'half-way-done' housework.....I had to involve some 'man' in finally get all done and I can TELL..... I AM SO POOPED! Wow what a day.....I need my meditation NOW for sure. 
To re-center. And drink lot's of too short today in all the 'going-ons'.
And this 'worry' in the neck, that it gets more. We will figure out more tomorrow. Blood infection is nothing to joke around with though, like they said in the hospital. So, ALL THE GET WELL WISHES this WAY! That tomorrow it WILL be WAY BETTER! 
OVER - OUT......pfffffffffff.....flat BALLoon tonight.......until tomorrow. ENJOY YOUR EVENING :)))))
Last smiles your way.....the last ones, I got tonight, OUT!


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Anke Martin said...

Hi Anonymous! Thank you. I am not sure what you mean by your comment about google but it does not really matter to me, where I am listed and how high, it is not about the numbers who visit my blog. It is about the fun I want to share here.

Smiles, Anke :)