Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open Approach is...

A constant letting go of all, you got, too attached to.
Mostly feelings, thinking you can not without. 
Which is so untrue.
You CAN!
And you need to, to be OPEN again for the new, for the constant change.
You are not getting stuck in a mood or pain or emotional dependence.

That does not mean you do not CARE for others. Deep inside you do, but you are keeping yourself from any attachments, attachments which feels too tight, to awkard, based on duty or based on an agenda. 
You give voluntarily and when you get something back you SMILE deep inside but you are not doing it in general to GET in the first place. 

It is just because you have too much.

It's like this flower above
when the time is ripe, 
it lets go of its seeds, 
let's them taken away by the wind
so they can spread and create something new.

Isn't that with life the same? 
You are spreading yourself over the world too. 
And if it's only by sharing some cheer up smile with some
your seed of  'cheer', your seed of the smile, 
is carried on by the 'wind' of life and creates something new. 
Because sometimes just ONE smile can show you in a tough situation:
HEY! That felt good - life is not as hard as it seems.
Your smile created something new, somewhere else.

It's like your smile touched some rough waters and the ripples you caused,
 spread all over in a steady, calm, pace,
kind of in a meditating way,
calming the waters down, 
bringing it to a calm state again, 
because the 'inside' storm got irritated by the going on, 
on the surface 
and somehow those ripples caused a shift of focus, 
like a meditating 'rippeling' over the water which gave an amazing calmness.
And made the inside 'stir-up' curious
what that was. 
So, creating an inside storm was not important anymore. 
Just trying to find this 'ripple-effect-making-again'.

That's when your lifes journey towards being starts. 

When you listen less and less to your EGO.

And more to your pure being.

Full of self-love, when you take full responsibility for yourself, 
you learn how to take care of yourself for sure
in a good healthy, caring way.

And once started, 
it has an 'own-dynamic-effect'. 
You discover more and more this 'water-calming-ripple-effect'.

And once your EGO is silenced. 

You feel how light and free you are.

You get brave, you get so full of 'sunny-smiling-lift-you-up-energy' inside,
that you spread your wings and 
in your own life,
like the BIRDS in the sky.

You learn to fly,
you exercise more and more.

You conquer everything in an Open Approach.

Fear is getting changed in pure 'amazing-wondering-curiosity'.

You are more and more in an Open Approach.
Your BEING is Open Approach.

And feeling this,  knowing this, being aware of this. 
Even when it 'rains' in your life. 
The rain is GOLDEN.
Because you KNOW - you found your own TREASURE inside.

NOBODY can EVER take AWAY from YOU!

Smiles and good morning, Anke :))))

See you around, 
busy morning. 

PS: Back from the hair cutter: DELUXE treatmeant, LOL....felt back to natural hair color, my hair some 'color-break'.  A little one, LOL....

So, how is your day? Smile account? Heart beating in joy? Soul flying? Piratess/pirate on adventure? 

And a wish for the day: DEAR SOUL, show me the inspiration and DEAR HEART, show me what really matters.And maybe SHOW some others as well, WHAT really matters. One of those weekends...oh well....what are you gonna do, nothing, letting it be, except for enjoying MY little things and connecting therefore to this 'silence'. EY! 
Some rather stay in a is okay.

 Following my heart and soul.
THERE is a HOW question will know...sooner or later ;)

FEELS like this wants to conquered CREATIVELY with COLORS.

Getting my hands involved and therefor my whole body.
Soul, heart and body.

Oh my!
Right this second. 
Sooooooo GRATEFUL for this 'CHANCE' in LIFE!

This understanding from last night,is huge on ME TODAY.

IN A GOOD WAY- in a very very good way!

 PS: No, I am not sure if I won't get attacked out of the blue with some 'scared-tensed-vibes' today BUT right now. I FEEL GOOD and I am in TOUCH with this SILENCE.
Enjoying for right now and 'conquer', whatever 'wave' will still come, in an OPEN APPROACH!

Need a 'ripple-effect-today'? 
Well, here you go, on of those SPECIAL SMILES,
from this deep inside CALMNESS.

CATCH! It is yours!!!!!


Okay, THIS POST is an IMPORTANT reminder already for myself. THIS 'centered' and not 'carried-by-worry-storms' is A SUCCESS FOR ME. A major one and I just need to write this here, in case of an 'attack' again.....feeling lost.....feeling scared...feeling lonely, because then you need a REMINDER, to reconnect to your inner silence.

THIS IS MY REMINDER, that WHATever HAPPENS, I CAN DO IT! I WILL FIND MY WAY. I need to write this here, because right now I feel this 'inside-energy' this energy which is not letting DOUBTS to take over, at all - this fog on the sky to make you insecure. 
RIGHT this minute I feel this 'alive-energy' which tells me: 'TRUST your own ABILITY'. And that is all to know for right now. And trusting my own ability means as well....I am able to center myself and I am able to take lifes challenges in an open approach. And even sometimes it seems to all OVERWHELM me, being good to myself and give me all the space and time I need to find the way. NOT CONDEMNING. Open Approach towards outside going ons and INSIDE. Which one is more important depends on the matter. And YES in BLACK, the font color. TO POINT IT OUT. CLEARLY for myself. And if it inspires you as well - get whatever inspiration out of it! :) That is why I SHARE here. 

On the song list: Everybody - Raul Midon

PS from the afternoon: Back from a freedom ride and meeting two dear friends on the way! HOW FUN and FEELING good is that? A making me smile afternoon. THANK YOU SOUL for guiding and thank you Heart for showing what matters.  EY!

On the song list: Bodies and Mind - Great Lake Swimmers and Listen to your heart - Roxette

'Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. 
When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.'
- Lao Tzu (ca 6.Jh v. Chr.)
„Ein Leben ohne LIEBE ist kein Leben.“ 
- Rumi
'Jedes Ding hat drei Seiten:
Eine, die du siehst,
eine, die ich sehe und
eine, die wir beide nicht sehen.'

- Chinesische Weisheit

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