Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pirate/piratess challenge.....

Reposting the challenge:

'I have a challenge for you all.
 I want you to find your inner piratess or pirate.
Or whatever you have inside and however you name it, it's for sure the adventurer in you. So, however you call it, wherever you found it inside. Give it a chance to come out and let it enrich your life. You also can use that as an idle time activity. Can you draw? Doodle? Write a story, combine writing and drawing, create a collage, do it digital. Whatever you come up with. Funny sentences, comic strips. LET IT OUT. It does not have to be pretty, just to keep the good energy going. So this is a 'tickle-your-creativity-challenge'.  

Be BRAVE....create your life, start at some point, small, with 'idle-time-filling-adventurous-creative-discoveries.'

PS: And please leave the inner critique somewhere else, don't listen to it while your creative attempt, you don't have to show it anybody either, it's your secret treasure you are going to create here. Go for it, find your inner treasure!!!!! Be adventurous, be brave, be inventive! 

And in case you want to can share it here with a  link as a comment, to your blog/website or contact me directly with an email. Maybe I even start an extra blog for it and post the results there......sounds like a good idea, in case somebody is with me and wants to share online I think about that extra blog.  But first let's see......'

Greetings from the 'piratess'. EY!.....HAVE FUN! Chuckles about yourself allowed ;)

Let's sail the sea 
of endless adventures
and enjoy 'whatever-waves-are-coming'! 

PS: I will tickle your inner pirate/piratess once in a while with some 'tickling-questions' EY!

Smiles, Anke :)))

Reposting from a couple weeks ago: 
You can call it a further explaination what  your inner pirate/piratess is:

'Hi how is your evening? I hope very good. Soooooooo....some more insights. Since I wrote the post already, why wait until tomorrow with posting? Exactly. I have to go with the flow, lol. Remember I am 'float-ist'. To keep the good energy alive. Pilgriming. Making room for some more.....insights.......;)
First let's start with your soul. Do you know what your soul is? Do you know what your soul needs? I do again and still learn because the soul is a very 'sensitive' part in you, kind of fragile. And sometimes you face situations in life you only can hide it somewhere so it's not getting destroyed all the way. I guess you can say, you have a cave in you somewhere, deep inside, you protect it. Then comes the heart in. The heart is strong, smart, way smarter than you normally would think, but when you are in  tough situations, sometimes it's hard to listen to your heart. You are so confused inside that you don't know anything anymore. It's like being in wild rafting waters and you just try to stay up to get air and not drown all the way. So, it depends how you are, you can be 'stuck' in this 'numbness' for years until some 'light', something invisiable crosses your life. Something that makes you wake up. WIDE AWAKE.It activates something in you. There is a voice raising inside, starting to protest.......this could be your pirate/piratess. It's getting activated. It fights for your soul mostlyit fights for the beauty, it fights for the heart also, but mostly for the soul. Because piratess/pirates are courageous, they conquer fears, they live WILD.....they get you out of tough situations. BACK To BE ALIVE AGAIN. And this 'being-alive' is only possible with your soul. So, that's what I found knowing of tonight. I discovered my piratess a while back but it first got a name in the last couple of month. It just got this name at some point, not really knowing why. It felt good. Now I know. You can say, my piratess is my courage. And I am thankful for this piratess who is protecting my soul very well, so it does not have to go to that cave anymore, so it can see the world, expierence the world and that it can show me the beauty in life. Because without my soul I can't see it. I can't feel it, I can't live it. I know how my life was two years ago, dull and full of fears, tensions and all kind of 'worst-case-szenarios-in-my-mind' and I know how my world is today. Full of beauty, full of colors, full of inspiring things, full of adventure, finally living who I am. And those, who expierenced my developement over the last two years saw how powerful your piratess/pirate can be inside. But she/he only wants the best for you. 
So here I am today - dedicating this post to my inner courage alias piratess. 

So, don't mess with my piratess because she is aware.....but only if you really want to hurt. Otherways she is all fighting with you for the good. 

Smiles, Anke :) 'piratess-says-proudly' EY!

Some might think,why is she just blasting that out? Because I want to share this, there is way to much suffering out there and I know there is a way out of it! I want to share this magic, life has to offer, because life is too precious to waste any minute on something not feeling good or detroying your soul and heart! 

PS: And when you have the chance, when somebody is giving you room to finally let your soul out again, you feel very very grateful. Because at first it needs trust again. It needs trust, that it can come out and nothing happens to it. When you find such an 'amazing' space in your life, trust it and come out with your soul! Let it out of your cave!

So my question for you: Do you have a pirate/piratess inside of yourself? Or something else who is fighting - protecting your soul? '


lee said...

leaving your inner critic out is a hard hard thing to do, but i will try.

Anke Martin said...

I know it's hard, BUT YOU CAN DO IT! :) Smiles, Anke :)